Tuesday July 13, 2004

Jakalope Updates - New Single playing in Canada

You may or may not have noticed that the website for Jakalope has made some subtle updates in the last week or two. I only like to spoil so much fun myself, but click around after the timer runs out, and you should find some stuff. If you're into cheating, there's a lot of discussion about what's there and what's not there in this message board thread.

Some of the more evident links pulled from that thread: Jakalope's record label, Orange Records, in Canada rather than the US, has a website, here. Katie B. (who showed up on the nin.com webcam lastnight, among other places -- Hi Katie B!) has a webpage too, right here. On it, she mentions that Jakalope's first single, "Pretty Life," has been released to, well, CFOX in Vancouver. So if you live in or near Vancouver, call CFOX at 1-877-FOX-ROCKS and request Pretty Life by Jakalope.