Wednesday, 8/31/05

How You Can Help

Like everyone else, we've been watching the unfolding tragedy in the Gulf Coast states for the last few days with great concern. If you'd like to help with financial support, you can get information from the websites of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.

To respond to a few inquiries, we have no information on how this has affected Nothing Studios or Trent's former residence, nor do we know how this has affected plans for the Voodoo Music Festival in October. Nothoney from Echoing the Sound has been updating this thread about Voodoo Fest, and reports that the official Voodoo Fest messageboard has been locked down with a message promising more information when it becomes available. We will also post more Voodoo Fest information as it becomes known.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy.
Tuesday, 8/30/05

In other print news...

In another quick print note, ManBurning tips us to Circus Magazine's current issue. From the article:
"People with an addiction are great fooling themselves and others. I know that for the rest of my life I can't have a drink or any drugs ... that just the way it is."

Herr Reznor graces the cover, and reports are that the article is about 4 pages long.

Hit Parader Part VII: Reznor's Revenge

Hit Parader magazine has a feature article on the Nine Inch Nails in their September 2005 issue. The blurb on HP's front page reads:
NINE INCH NAILS: It's interesting to note that after years of carefully guarding his private life like it was a State Secret, Nine Inch Nails' legendary Trent Reznor has recently opened up about his past addiction problems. Perhaps the fact that the rock and roll Renaissance Man has now seemingly overcome all of these life hurdles has empowerd him to step forward and discuss the situation more openly- which has not-so-ironically served to focus even more interest on NIN's latest collection, With Teeth. "There was a point where I started to believe what people were saying about me," he said. "That can be dangerous. It led me down a dangerous path."

Doesn't sound like too much new information, but there are reportedly some good pictures. Thanks to S. Wang for the notice!
Monday, 8/29/05

Effects of touring Japan already showing

I HATE MUSIC sent us good news for those who partake in karaoke in Japan. CyberDam machines have just added seven more songs to their systems. Whereas before, only The Perfect Drug, The Hand that Feeds, and Starfuckers were available to sing along to, Closer, Hurt, Happiness in Slavery, Piggy, March of the Pigs, Mr Self Destruct, and Last have been added to the system. To quote I HATE MUSIC, "YAY YAY YAY!!!"
Sunday, 8/28/05 email access

It appears that has changed webmasters again, and the contents of the old site appear to be gone (although they may exist on somewhere).
If you're trying to access your email, I've managed to dig up an alternative login screen so you can access your email account, being that the login at is missing.
Login to your email address here.

Chances are pretty good that the MX Records for are not yet pointing to,so any email sent to addresses will not arrive there. You'll be able to get your old mail, and you are able to send mail, but until whoever runs now hooks things up, you will not receive mail at that address.
Friday, 8/26/05

Digital Music Awards '05

Every other year or so, these things roll around, and I'll post about it once or twice, asking you to vote. This year, I'm going to go at it with a little more fervor, for a number of reasons:

a) Radiohead aren't putting an album out, so Greenplastic and At Ease are effectively out of the running (I hope). Most of the bands that won last year have broken up or are in hibernation.

b) NIN is currently embarking on a tour all around the world, have released a #1 album in recent months, and have a couple of charting songs in radio rotation at the moment -- if our site could get to #11 in a year when nothing was going on, surely we can do alright when things are busy.

c) A lot of people have worked very hard to make this site as good as they come. We have almost 800 articles and reviews, The NIN Historian is an amazing tour resource, we have sheet music, a tour journal tie-in with Echoing the Sound, hold contests and do exclusive interviews, harbor the Meathead Perspective, brought the archives back from the void, and you can personalize the site.

d) What other fan page or official website is XHTML Strict Compliant? How many sites do you know account for accessibility like that?

In June, we peaked out at 8,531,027 hits that month. Things have slowed down a bit, but if you're one of the 16,000-20,000 unique visitors to the site, I'd appreciate a vote. Let's shoot for #1 this year. Just click on the image on the right side of the page. Thanks.

Saul Williams on the NIN tour

  • "When I saw you with Nine Inch Nails the crowd really did get into it, but was there a lot of pre-show doubt on that tour? Did you expect, or hope, to receive a warm reception?
  • Yeah, it was a thrill to see those people dancing. It's interesting, as initially it registers as a little bit of shock, but at the same time you have to have some kind of confidence to get onto a stage in the first place.

There's a great Saul Williams interview over at Drowned in Sound in which he discusses his recent touring experience, including the NIN tour, and us fans. Thanks AbjectMisery!

Kerrang Awards Win

"The classic songwriter category recognises talent that is built to last. Craftsmanship that ensures a career in the rich tapestry of rock rather than an overnight sensation. This year's winner is an icon, inspiration and legend in his own right. He's worked with many artists and always pushed the creative process within himself and others."

That guy we call Trent Reznor won the Classic Songwriter award at the 12th annual Kerrang Awards earlier this week. Suppose that makes up for With Teeth, the new tour, and both of the new singles being ignored in the other categories then.

Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.
Thursday, 8/25/05

Amoeba Contest for Hollywood Bowl Tickets

Amoeba Music is giving away tickets to the October 1 show at the Hollywood Bowl. You can enter here. Thanks Anna.
Wednesday, 8/24/05

News roundup

Citing national security, Leviathant ran off to an undisclosed location without bothering to empty the news queue on his way out, so in short order here's a roundup of all the latest:

There are Only remix radio contests for upstate NY (Plattsburgh), Vermont (Burlington), and Montreal residents at The Buzz (thanks The.Spiral); for Portland, OR residents at 94.7 knrk (thanks Erik Elfstrom); and for Salt Lake City residents at x96 (thanks Alex).

The performance page on has updated to confirm the Brazilian tour dates and add a Wilkes-Barre, PA date -- as those using the RSS feed would know (but thanks all the same AbjectMisery).

We're told that C4 Music Television in New Zealand will be airing an interview with Trent Reznor on "Amp'd" at 8:30pm, Thursday, August 25th (thanks Stoney).

Matt925 posted a thread on ETS about finding newly available floor tickets to the Oakland show, suggesting that others looking for tickets to sold-out shows might keep trying. Hope springs eternal.

And, saving the best for last, there's an article on reporting that Good Charlotte would like Trent Reznor to be involved with their next LP. Note to Good Charlotte: see comment re: hope, above, but don't hold your breath. (Thanks Frank).
Tuesday, 8/23/05

Melbourne Photos + Edge 102.1 Remix Contest

Mafu sent us a link to the Triple J gallery, featuring photos from nin's 08/17 concert in Melbourne. Because he's a nice guy like that.

Toronto's Edge 102.1 radio station is featuring a remix contest for the latest nin single Only. Canadian residents can enter to win tickets to the Toronto show on Thursday, November 10th, as well as backstage passes for a meet and greet with band members. See the website link above for information on how to enter.
Thank you to Rosemarie for the info.
Monday, 8/22/05

NIN Interview on New Zealand TV3

We got word that TV3 in New Zealand will be airing an interview with Trent Reznor tomorrow Tuesday on its late night news show, Nightline, which airs weeknights at 10.30pm. Thanks to David for the info!

Triple J Interview Download Available

The Triple J interview aired earlier today, and is now available for download from the radio station's website. It's just under 4MBs so it's even dial up user friendly.

Thanks neuralplex!

Bob Moog Dies

Electronic music pioneer Bob Moog died of cancer on August 21, 2005, at his home in Asheville, North Carolina. His invention, the Moog synthsizer, was the first widely used electronic instrument, and revolutionized the way music was made. He will be missed.

For more information on Bob Moog's career, and for remembrance and memorial information, please visit Moog Music.

Our condolences to his friends and family.
Sunday, 8/21/05

Australian Tour Photos

Precious Whore sent us an email a few days ago with a link to some photos they took at the shows on the 17th, 19th & 20th. Though not high resolution, they're pretty decent shots, and well timed too.
Saturday, 8/20/05

Triple J Interview Rescheduled

The cancelled interview with Mel in the Morning on Australian radio station Triple J has now been rescheduled for Monday morning, somewhere between 9 and 11am Eastern Australian time.

Thanks go to the_wretched1 for this update.
Friday, 8/19/05

Quick MTV chart update

John's been keeping tabs on this stuff, and "Only" is up to #6 on MTV's T-Hits countdown, and #1 on the T-Rock countdown. We hear it's doing better on the Billboard charts as well, so it looks like your incessant harrassing of radio and TV stations is having some effect. Thanks John!

NIN in Brazil confirmed by festival

Christian wrote to pass on news that the official website of the Claro Que E Rock Festival posted this news item about NIN confirming to play the festival. The story, translated, reads as such:
Nine Inch Nails is the first international band confirmed to play Claro Que E Rock Festival, which takes place on November 26 and 27 in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
The North American band, led by the composer Trent Reznor, will bring to the country the songs of their most recently album, With Teeth (2005), and material from the six other albums of their career, which begain in Cleveland, USA, in 1989.

Yes, we know, there haven't been seven albums, but hopefully the rest of the information is accurate. Thanks Christian!

NIN in this month's Keyboard magazine

Joe and Max both sent in word that Trent Reznor is featured in the current issue of Keyboard Magazine. Joe says the issue talks about synths and live gear for the With Teeth tour, Max says it talks about the recording of With Teeth. Only you can find out... check out the magazine's website for a preview of the cover.

MySpace NIN Contest

Jeff sent in an email detailing the contest over at MySpace where you can win VIP or otherwise nice seating at a NIN show near you. In brief, post a comment in the NIN profile indicating where you want to see the show, and where you live. Winners will be selected randomly for the various tour markets -- it's up to you to get there.
Complete rules are listed here. From the rules: Residents of the states of Florida and New York are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes. Only one entry per person or group is permitted. (Don't spam the profile, kids.) Good luck.

Atti and Claude get married.

Atticus Ross (engineer on With Teeth) and long-time partner Claudia Sarne (lead singer of 12 Rounds) are getting married this evening in London.

The NIN Hotline would like to extend our best wishes to the happy couple.

Thanks to Jeordie and Trent for mentioning it.
Thursday, 8/18/05

NIN Down Under

As that band that we all talk about charge through Australia, The Australian offers up a rather bewildering judgement of the new face that is the NIN tour. In print, The Age digs into a more realistic outlook of the Melbourne concert - albeit with the artistic license that so many of the journalists covering this tour seem to employ. At some point they'll realise that we're not all clueless goths, but until then, this is about as good as it will get.

As a side note, if you tune into the infamous Triple J radio station on Friday morning, Mel in the Morning will be interviewing Trent at 9am Eastern Australian time. Trent's sick, the interview's been cancelled, but this won't affect the concerts. (Thanks to everyone who let us know about this)

Thanks to Hughman and oldschoolfan for posting this on Echoing the Sound, thus bringing these odds and ends to our attention.
Wednesday, 8/17/05

NIN en Latinoamerica - Nov 26 and 27

Christian wrote in with a link to this article from the Brazilian website, Omelete. The article states that "NIN has two dates for Brazil at the Claro Que E Rock Festival on November 26 and 27, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro respectively." Good news for those American fans south of the equator!

NIN Takes Time Off

There's an article about NIN in the latest issue of Time Off, a Brisbane street press magazine. The issue also has a blurb about opening act "The Follow." Thanks to Murdoch for writing in.
Tuesday, 8/16/05

Possibly No DFA 1979 at Various Canadian Shows

Sebastien of Death From Above 1979 has posted a message on the band's messageboard, suggesting the band will not appear in the lineup for the central/western Canada shows and commenting on the tour in general, including its romantic nature. Thanks to shagg187 for writing in.
Sunday, 8/14/05

The Sydney Afterparty

Club VortexClub Vortex, Australia's largest electro-industrial/goth event, is holding the Sydney NIN afterparty - with 3 floors of psytrance/ebm/old-school industrial goodness. It's always a fantastic night - and you never know who might show up!

Saturday, 20th of August from 10pm.
w/dj's Bones, Sanguinus, Raptor + La Traviata.
The Republic Hotel, cnr Pitt + Bridge St, City. 18+
Sunday, 8/14/05

T-shirt contest deadline

A reminder from Synthetic Apparatus:

The deadline for the T-shirt contest is midnight, Wednesday, August 17th. Check out the entries here, and rate your favorites. The winners are chosen by community votes.

Thanks to Theory for the reminder.
Saturday, 8/13/05

SickAmongthePure :: August.2005

Our old friends at SickAmongthePure have gone live with the August issue and it has been up since the first of the month, as always.

August features more exclusive new interviews with VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, :Wumpscut:, and much, much more. We throw in ample live show reviews, humour, and informative essays, and another 48 album reviews.

True, the NIN, content is not as ample as it used to be, but it's a whole new musical world than in years past, isn't it? Kudos to Levi for some kickass new site designs - well done, old friend.

Photos from the Tokyo show

Trent Reznor shaved his head.Over at Echoing the Sound, a poster going by the handle gayo pointed us to a page on the SummerSonic website, which features some new photos of the band performing in Tokyo.

It looks like the layout doesn't like it when images are larger than the story body, so I'm just typing this text in to make things look nice. There's really nothing to say here, except maybe that you can click on that thumbnail for more photos.
Friday, 8/12/05

Lost in Translation

The current page of has updated with a new photo from Japan.

Thanks to nine_inch_reznor for the tip.
Thursday, 8/11/05

Triple J Goes NIN Crazy

This Saturday at 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard time, the Australian radio station Triple J is putting on a "This is Your Life" special about Nine Inch Nails that you can catch online as well as on the radio, if you live down under. As if that wasn't already awesome enough, Triple J is also offering one lucky fan (and one lucky friend) the chance to attend the soundcheck at the Melbourne show. Thanks to ObsoletE, quasar, and hughman for writing in.

Pardon our DDOS

I can't seem to make a major update to this site without things blowing up. Apparently there was a nice DDOS attack on a site that shares hosting with us, so the server was down for the past 20 hours or so.

Hopefully we don't run into any more trouble. So, yeah, check out the "Your Page Settings" link on the menu now.
Tuesday, 8/09/05

The NIN Hotline, version whatever. (update)

So by now you should be noticing that things look very different around here. If the images and background colors for the various cells aren't loading, do a hard refresh (on PCs, hold CTRL and press the reload button on your browser) and that ought to refresh the style sheet for the page.
Thanks mostly to an independent effort by DJR (I don't know if Dave's keen on having his last name on the front page here) I was spurred on to try and make this site a little smarter behind the scenes. It's mostly XHTML compliant, but a lot of the news that's been entered over the years breaks that. However, the page's rendering should break down a lot more nicely if you're not using Firefox now, as it's all divs and list items and that kind of fancy stuff.
There are a few more things I am working to implement. In the navigation there is now a link for "Your page settings," where you will be able to control which RSS feeds you would like to appear on the front page. The list of feeds to draw NIN news from includes,, Yahoo news, MTVe news, and even Pitchfork Media. The setup page will be live later in the week.
I've also turned the radio promotion program back on, since Only's kind of floundering in the charts. Maybe you can help get it more airplay, if you're into that kind of thing. GodOfReptiles has been helping to populate that list of stations, and if you'd like to help him with that, post something in this thread.
I think that's it for now. If you run into trouble displaying the page, or hate the new skins, tell me about it.

Update: "Your Page Settings" is active, and you can now select your theme and RSS feeds there.
Monday, 8/08/05

Ticketmaster auction update

Wes sent us a link to this page, which says that a bunch of auctions will start Monday, August 8. That's today.
There are two kinds of auctions: one is for a pair of general admission tickets, and the other says that winning bidders will receive two tickets with reserved seating - seats will be assigned according to bid amount, with the highest bid getting the best seats.

Best Buy Interview

BestBuy currently have a page up on their site carrying 4 audio files of an "exclusive" interview with Trent. He talks about his influences, his beginnings, touring with David Bowie and Johnny Cash covering Hurt.
Thanks Joe!
Friday, 8/05/05

On Satan, MTV, and Green Day

The Sydney Morning Herald has published an interview with Trent online, curiously titled "Hammer Time Over." Looks like you have to register (for free) to read the article. Thanks to Malatete, Scott, and Matador for writing in.
Thursday, 8/04/05

Ticket Auctions has announced that a stock of "premium" tickets for 19 shows will be auctioned on August 8th, via Ticketmaster. More shows will follow on August 22nd. The profits from auction will be donated to charity.
Click here for the full press release.
Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Actual Australian Tour Support

Contrary to what the Brisbane street magazines are saying, The Red Paintings will not be supporting NIN on this tour.
For the Melbourne and the first Sydney date, the Bird Blobs are opening up, and for the second Sydney and the Brisbane date The Follow will be supporting.
The only sold out date on the Australian tour is the Friday night Sydney date, so if you're still humming and hawing over going, there's still time to get a ticket.
Michael Coppel Presents is the tour promoter, and they have a cool flash thing (with sound) on their site.
Thanks to Scott and Tim for letting us know.
Wednesday, 8/03/05

Design your own NIN shirt. Win $100.

Synthetic Apparatus has chosen NIN to be the band which will inspire our next t-shirt contest.
Synthetic Apparatus is 50% music community & 50% art community, which holds T-Shirt contests inspired by bands chosen by the community. The members rate the submitted designs, and once the voting is complete we print the winning submissions, and sell them back to the community. Winners receive 100$ and a T-Shirt with their design on it.
Thanks to Theory for the heads up.

Only Video Trivia

Over at Echoing The Sound, Russianguns posts that he attended a Res screening of the video in Hollywood last night. After the screening, two of the designers were on hand to give a Q&A, letting us in on some previously unknown facts about the making of the video:

- the image that the video is centered around (the pin pression block) originally came from one of the team, who had had the idea about a decade ago.
- the exact treatment had been pitched to Soundgarden, Madonna, U2, and even Fred Durst.
- they had one day to record Trent's performance in green screen, shooting at Digital Domain's green screen stage in Venice, CA. (Thanks to Saeed for the correction!) The desk scenes were shot at a furniture shop in West Hollywood.
- the hand at the beginning of the video does not belong to Trent, but to the lead designer instead.

Changes to Tour Dates

We urge everyone to keep an eye on's performance page, as information continues to be changed, added, and removed.
The location of the 11-07-2005 show is now pending. This was previously scheduled to be in Albany, NY.
A Winnipeg date has been added for our friends to the north. It will be at the MTS Centre on 11/14/05, and tickets will go on sale August 6th @ 10 a.m.
The Colorado Springs, CO date has been removed. From the World Arena website: "In an effort to take care of the fans that have already purchased tickets, a special offer will be made to current ticket holders. Premium tickets will be available for the October 5th show at the Pepsi Center in Denver with no service fee." We have no more information. Please contact the vendor from which your tickets were purchased, or the World Arena with any questions.

As I'm sure all of you (smart) readers have learned by now, this information is subject to change. Official information is always available at, and their RSS feed is pretty nifty, too.
Tuesday, 8/02/05

Another Voodoo 2005 Contest is featuring a contest to win a trip to the Voodoo Music Festival, which has NIN on this year's line up. The winner gets a prize that includes "airfare, hotel, shuttle bus passes, VIP tickets and a Voodoo celebrity gift bag!" Oh my.
The festival takes place over Halloween weekend, October 29th and 30th. Contest deadline is 11:59 PM [ET] on September 15, 2005, and is available for United States residents. Thanks to Bonnie for the link.

Clearing Up the Canadian Confusion

The Toronto and Montreal tour dates have been switched, with Toronto now scheduled for November 10 and Montreal scheduled for November 11. There's still some confusion as to when tickets for both shows actually go on sale, as Ticketmaster and have conflicting information, so keep a close eye on both sites for more information. It's especially confusing to me as I'm incredibly wasted right now. Thanks go out to Bryan, RN b, and Vera Lynn, as well as the cocktail party I just got home from.

DFA remix of THTF available on iTunes US store

Jeremy wrote in to let us know that The DFA remix of The Hand that Feeds is available on iTunes. So if you don't have a turntable, and don't want to order the Euro single for Only, you can now get the song for $0.99, online.
Monday, 8/01/05

Redesign, coming soon!

Dave "A lot of the CSS stuff still goes over my head" Raftery decided to whip up a design of the NIN Hotline using CSS and XHTML, and it really knocked me out of my chair. I asked him for a few additions and tips, and have begun hacking away at the Perl that runs this site so that I might implement this wonderful design.
You can watch me get less retarded at CSS and XHTML on this development preview of the new design. Unfortunately, I don't think this site will ever be XHTML strict compliant, because news updates are freeform and I have a tendency to type my HTML tags in caps. But everything around the news updates is pretty slick this new way, and if you turn your style sheet off, it still looks alright.
Anyhow, I'll be working on a few skins for this, and reworking the menu a little bit, but here's the basic idea. It incorporates RSS feeds from, blabbermouth, and mtv (although the blabbermouth and mtv feeds only show news items if they're related to nine inch nails).


After years of entertaining and delighting members of the Echoing the Sound discussion forums, last October the evil genius known as kleptonin created a repository for his work which, quite simply, defies description. If you haven't seen it yet, run, don't walk, to kleptografi and check out his photopictures and avatars.
Thanks to Leviathant for writing in about this one.

Australian Tour Support

The Red Paintings are being listed as support for the Australian leg of the tour in several Brisbane street press magazines. Nothing is confirmed at yet.
Thanks Jameski!