Tuesday August 9, 2005

The NIN Hotline, version whatever. (update)

So by now you should be noticing that things look very different around here. If the images and background colors for the various cells aren't loading, do a hard refresh (on PCs, hold CTRL and press the reload button on your browser) and that ought to refresh the style sheet for the page.

Thanks mostly to an independent effort by DJR (I don't know if Dave's keen on having his last name on the front page here) I was spurred on to try and make this site a little smarter behind the scenes. It's mostly XHTML compliant, but a lot of the news that's been entered over the years breaks that. However, the page's rendering should break down a lot more nicely if you're not using Firefox now, as it's all divs and list items and that kind of fancy stuff.

There are a few more things I am working to implement. In the navigation there is now a link for "Your page settings," where you will be able to control which RSS feeds you would like to appear on the front page. The list of feeds to draw NIN news from includes nin.com, blabbermouth.net, Yahoo news, MTVe news, and even Pitchfork Media. The setup page will be live later in the week.

I've also turned the radio promotion program back on, since Only's kind of floundering in the charts. Maybe you can help get it more airplay, if you're into that kind of thing. GodOfReptiles has been helping to populate that list of stations, and if you'd like to help him with that, post something in this thread.

I think that's it for now. If you run into trouble displaying the page, or hate the new skins, tell me about it.


Update: "Your Page Settings" is active, and you can now select your theme and RSS feeds there.