Thursday August 18, 2005

NIN Down Under

As that band that we all talk about charge through Australia, The Australian offers up a rather bewildering judgement of the new face that is the NIN tour. In print, The Age digs into a more realistic outlook of the Melbourne concert - albeit with the artistic license that so many of the journalists covering this tour seem to employ. At some point they'll realise that we're not all clueless goths, but until then, this is about as good as it will get.

As a side note, if you tune into the infamous Triple J radio station on Friday morning, Mel in the Morning will be interviewing Trent at 9am Eastern Australian time. Trent's sick, the interview's been cancelled, but this won't affect the concerts. (Thanks to everyone who let us know about this)

Thanks to Hughman and oldschoolfan for posting this on Echoing the Sound, thus bringing these odds and ends to our attention.