Saturday, 2/06/21

Snag a fan-made AIR flag enamel pin

Over on Instagram, Sweet Tooth Enamel is soliciting orders for a batch of 100 enamel pins he's made of the Art Is Resistance flag from Year Zero. It caught my attention when NotoriousTIMP shared his on the NIN subreddit. You can get one by dropping a message to Sweet Tooth Enamel via their Instagram, and according to that account, these may also be available at Revolver Records and Gutter Pop Comics, both located in Buffalo, NY.

The cost, shipped within the US, is $13. I've been really good about not buying things during COVID lockdown, but I made an exception for this, and I thought it looked good so I'm putting the word out. Photo credit: NotoriousTIMP.
Wednesday, 2/03/21

Golden Globe nominations released

I mean, you and I both knew this would be the case, but both Mank and Soul have been nominated for Best Original Score. That's it. That's the update.
Friday, 12/11/20

Track listing for TR+AR score of Soul out in the wild

The Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Original Score for Soul

While a vinyl pressing of the original score for Soul has been on Amazon for weeks, today we're seeing more retail outlets taking pre-orders, and at Target, a 'crystal clear' transparent vinyl exclusive popped up. I've personally made it kind of a point to avoid Disney (we don't see eye to eye about copyright) but I still know enough about them to know that collectibles are their thing, so chances are good this won't be the last variation we'll see coming out.

Today also appears to be the day that the official artwork for the original score is released, as well as the track listing:

Disc 1
Side A
1. The Great Beyond
2. Falling
3. The Great Before/U Seminar
4. Jump to Earth
5. Terry Time
6. Joe's Life
7. Portal
8. Run/Astral Plane
9. Lost Soul
10. Meditation/Return to Earth
11. Terry Time Too
12. 22 Is Ready
Side B
1. Pursuit/Terry's World
2. Betrayal
3. Lost
4. Epiphany
5. Ship Chase
6. Escape/Inside 22
7. Flashback
8. Earthbound
9. Thank You
10. Enjoy Every Minute
11. Just Us
Thursday, 12/03/20

The score to Mank is now available - and then some

Across the usual streaming services, a 52 track soundtrack unlike anything Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have ever done dropped at midnight. Clocking in at about an hour and a half, it's a lot of music.

But it's only the start.

An 87 track edition of Mank is available on Bandcamp, with a total run time just over three and a half hours, available in MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, AIFF, ALAC, OGG, whatever floats your boat.

As described on the page for the release, available on Bandcamp is "the complete score along with an ADDITIONAL TWO HOURS of unreleased music and demos from the Mank sessions - only available here. These are additional and alternate compositions that didn’t get used in the film along with a selection of Trent and Atticus demos pre-orchestration."

I'm not sure why I'm typing at this point because you've already clicked through and are on your way. Happy Friday!
Sunday, 11/22/20

The Adventures of Christopher Robin Finck - in paperback!

A couple of years ago, an Instagram account quietly appeared, with hand-drawn comics about the fantastic adventures of the members of Nine Inch Nails, drawn in the style of Winnie the Pooh. When I had first glanced the name, my initial assumption was that it was probably a bit twee, but The Adventures of Christopher Robin Finck quickly became one of my favorite things ever to have sprung forward from the mind of a NIN fan.

It's so good.

A panel from The Adventures of Christopher Robin Finck

The real reason I'm posting this is because for a limited time, the author/illustrator is taking orders for a printed paperback book, "Now We Are Nothing", which collects 30 of the most popular comics from the instagram account. It's $20 + shipping, and orders are only open until November 29th.

I'm so pleased that this is getting a print release, because Instagram embodies so much of what I think is bad about today's internet - while at the same time, ...Christopher Robin Finck makes exceptional use of the medium.

Get it, tell your friends, and don't complain when you find out that you missed out.
Thursday, 10/15/20

Song Exploder on Netflix to feature Hurt

According to Spin and several other outlets, not only has Song Exploder graduated to being a Netflix series, but the second season will debut on December 15th, and one of the features will include Trent Reznor breaking down Hurt. In 2017, an episode of the (fantastic) Song Exploder podcast had Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor talking through the "The Lovers" from the Add Violence EP.
Wednesday, 9/16/20


From NIN:
Quake TSN vinyl




Tuesday, 7/28/20

Trent and Atticus are one step closer to an Emmy

According to this PDF on the official website for the Emmys, music from the HBO Series Watchmen earned two nominations:

Outstanding Music Composition For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special(Original Dramatic Score): Watchmen • It’s Summer And We’re Running Out Of Ice (note: in the event you have not had the opportunity to see this fantastic show, that's the title of the opening episode)

Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics: Watchmen • This Extraordinary Being / Song Title: The Way It Used To Be (note: if this song hadn't been nominated, I'm not sure I would have bothered posting anything about the Emmys at all)

Does this mean TR & AR can take a break from doing the rounds in the press? Never! Will the acquisition of an Emmy have the kind of butterfly effect that finally fulfills the prophecy of old that Trent Reznor will write music for Fight Club: The Musical, opening the possibility of an EGOT for the man that a 1997 issue of Time Magazine named as one of the 25 Most Influential Americans? To be continued...
Friday, 7/24/20

TGIF - 135 Pages of NIN Press Clippings

Every Day Is Exactly The Same, am I right? l.o.l.

A while ago now - probably 2013, if my file metadata is correct - I spotted a pretty sweet eBay auction for a collection of press clippings related to Nine Inch Nails. Even longer ago, I had started archiving online articles into a searchable database after noticing that links in old backissues of this site were failing, but print articles still left a big gap, and this auction seemed like a pretty great opportunity to fill that gap. I still had ambition, and had some success with OCR in the past, with a little massaging - but it ended up going for more than I felt comfortable paying for.

Never one to give up, and only slightly hesitant about asking lame questions, I reached out to the seller about a couple of the articles I'd seen in the preview image - one was a really early interview I'd never seen before. I don't remember what I asked, and I'm having trouble finding the exchange, but I'm sure I asked something along the lines of, "Do you think you could send me a scan of the article in the photos on your ebay listng?"

Imagine my surprise and delight when in response, I was sent a 135 page PDF. Everything in the auction, in digital form. Oh, reader, I had big plans for this. I may have even manually entered one or two of these into the archive, but don't hold me to that. Instead, life came at me pretty fast, and having moved house three times since then, I think the traffic to this remnant of the weird web that is the NIN Hotline is now low enough that linking directly to this PDF won't completely clobber my Dropbox account - but if you click on this and get an error, just try again over the weekend.

NIN Press Collection

This link is to a 277MB PDF with 135 pages of press releases, magazine articles, and even a blank page or two, spanning from the very beginning of Nine Inch Nails up through Year Zero. I may have to take it down at some point, so if you're seeing this post - congratulations, I hope this helps pass some time during our pandemic lockdown civil unrest jackboot kidnapping motherfucker of a year.

Articles, full color promotional one-sheets, classic Nothing Records press releases, and as the art of the press release dies off, eventually we get to scans of printouts of unformatted MS Word docs - including a press release from Unviersal/Interscope with a link to Echoing the Sound that would have been an absolute bear to have to type in by hand.

Happy Pandemic Lockdown Friday, friends! Stay safe, don't go out unless you have to, and if you do go out, wear a mask, don't touch your face, and wash your damn hands.
Friday, 6/26/20

An interview with Robert + Jeffrey from JCRT about outfitting Nine Inch Nails

Interview with Robert and Jeffrey of JCRT about outfitting Nine Inch Nails

Look, as a kid who grew up to be a computer developer, fashion was never really on my radar, which anyone who's met me and seen how I've dressed can confirm. I've gotten better about not being completely oblivious about what I'm wearing, or to what people around me are wearing.

That sent me down a rabbit hole last year, as I learned some interesting details about some of the folks who developed the wardrobe worn by Trent, Danny, Charlie, Robin & Jerome when they toured in support of The Fragile. We also talk about their current brand, JCRT, which focuses on high quality plaid shirts that are influenced by album covers, movie posters, and one particular design that got this whole thing started.

Not your typical Nine Inch Nails update, but I really enjoyed the storytelling that come out in the interview, and you can read the whole thing exclusively here.

I'll be doing a follow up soon (you can read more about that in the story) - thanks again to Robert and Jeffrey for taking the time to make all this happen!
Wednesday, 6/24/20

Deadline goes in depth on Watchmen OST

HBO opened up the full season of Watchmen over the weekend, no doubt because Donald Trump wanted to hold a rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth. There's been a lot of new press about the series as a result. Matt Grobar spoke with Trent and Atticus in this interview on Deadline, which goes into some depth about the process of scoring the series - and how writing music for television can be very different from scoring a film.
Tuesday, 6/23/20

The Television Academy interviews Trent and Atticus

You know, the Emmys? That Academy. Matt Powell interviewed Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross about scoring film - not only touching on some of their earlier work, but talking about doing period-appropriate music for Watchmen and the upcoming David Fincher film, Mank
"Everything in Mank is real instruments, there's not one synthesizer in the whole thing," says Reznor. "In that sense it's completely different from anything we've done."

Having written a 1940s orchestral score, the composers now find themselves in the bizarre situation of trying to record it, using period instrumentation and recording techniques, during a global quarantine.

Recording new music during a pandemic lockdown has its challenges. It's a good, if somewhat quick read - click here to head over to emmys.com and read it.
Monday, 6/22/20

The Social Network vinyl coming to retailers in the fall

Folks who placed a pre-order for The Social Network OST we shared yesterday have begun to receive emails with a message that goes something like this:

"This version of the release was posted in error, and we have just learned it will not be available to retailers. Rough Trade will be carrying another version of the same album due for release this coming September."

There have been one or two other record shops that have posted listings online that will likely be in the same situation. Signs point to this being a bad bit of data coming out - the repress does appear to be legitimate, and appears to be part of the Universal Music Enterprises catalog, but that July release date is up in the air until you see something different from the official NIN website.

That gives you some time to sock away forty bucks though!
Saturday, 6/20/20

The Social Network getting a vinyl repress next month

At least, that's what it looks like based on this pre-order page at Rough Trade, where the 2xLP is listed for $36.99 - an absolute bargain, given that it's never sold for less than $100 Discogs. Rough Trade lists the release date as July 24, 2020 - a little early for the 10 year anniversary, but who's counting?
Wednesday, 5/13/20

Charlie Clouser Reddit AMA on Friday May 15th

Charlie Clouser has a little bit of free time during lockdown like the rest of us and has kindly volunteered to do an AMA on Reddit this Friday May 15th at 12pm noon Pacific.

Charlie is a keyboardist, composer, producer, and remixer. He was a NIN collaborator from 1994 through 2000.

His contributions to the Nine Inch Nails body of work include:
The Downward Spiral (1994), Further Down The Spiral (1995), The Perfect Drug (1997), Closure (1997), The Fragile (1999), Things Falling Apart (2000), And All That Could Have Been (2002)

Heresy (version), Ruiner (version), Starfuckers, Inc (version)

Tours: Self Destruct Tour (1994-1996), Fragility Tour (1999-2000)

He has also worked with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie among other artists.

Charlie is also known for scoring the SAW franchise, including the upcoming 9th film in the series: Spiral; as well as the TV series Las Vegas, Fastlane, Numbers, and the theme song for American Horror Story.

Read more about Charlie Clouser on Wikipedia and nin.wiki:


Get your questions ready, and head over to /r/nin on Friday May 15th at noon pacific!