Tuesday August 30, 2005

Hit Parader Part VII: Reznor's Revenge

Hit Parader magazine has a feature article on the Nine Inch Nails in their September 2005 issue. The blurb on HP's front page reads:
NINE INCH NAILS: It's interesting to note that after years of carefully guarding his private life like it was a State Secret, Nine Inch Nails' legendary Trent Reznor has recently opened up about his past addiction problems. Perhaps the fact that the rock and roll Renaissance Man has now seemingly overcome all of these life hurdles has empowerd him to step forward and discuss the situation more openly- which has not-so-ironically served to focus even more interest on NIN's latest collection, With Teeth. "There was a point where I started to believe what people were saying about me," he said. "That can be dangerous. It led me down a dangerous path."

Doesn't sound like too much new information, but there are reportedly some good pictures. Thanks to S. Wang for the notice!