Monday August 1, 2005

Redesign, coming soon!

Dave "A lot of the CSS stuff still goes over my head" Raftery decided to whip up a design of the NIN Hotline using CSS and XHTML, and it really knocked me out of my chair. I asked him for a few additions and tips, and have begun hacking away at the Perl that runs this site so that I might implement this wonderful design.

You can watch me get less retarded at CSS and XHTML on this development preview of the new design. Unfortunately, I don't think this site will ever be XHTML strict compliant, because news updates are freeform and I have a tendency to type my HTML tags in caps. But everything around the news updates is pretty slick this new way, and if you turn your style sheet off, it still looks alright.

Anyhow, I'll be working on a few skins for this, and reworking the menu a little bit, but here's the basic idea. It incorporates RSS feeds from nin.com, blabbermouth, and mtv (although the blabbermouth and mtv feeds only show news items if they're related to nine inch nails).