Wednesday August 3, 2005

Only Video Trivia

Over at Echoing The Sound, Russianguns posts that he attended a Res screening of the video in Hollywood last night. After the screening, two of the designers were on hand to give a Q&A, letting us in on some previously unknown facts about the making of the video:

- the image that the video is centered around (the pin pression block) originally came from one of the team, who had had the idea about a decade ago.
- the exact treatment had been pitched to Soundgarden, Madonna, U2, and even Fred Durst.
- they had one day to record Trent's performance in green screen, shooting at Digital Domain's green screen stage in Venice, CA. (Thanks to Saeed for the correction!) The desk scenes were shot at a furniture shop in West Hollywood.
- the hand at the beginning of the video does not belong to Trent, but to the lead designer instead.