Thursday, 2/28/02

Trent Reznor Newground Interview

Trent Reznor is being featured on Spinner Radio's New Ground channel for the week of February 25th. You have to have Spinner 4.0 radio downloaded to listen to it.
From This week on newground: an interview with Nine Inch Nails visionary Trent Reznor. Trent takes host Chris Douridas through the creation of his new multi-format release And All That Could Have Been and gives us the history of Nine Inch Nails: his first musical inklings, the Cleveland music scene, the development of the creative voice that would become NIN. Get into newground with Nine Inch Nails.
Thanks to UmNo.

Reznor article to be in Premiere issue of Tongue

The premiere issue of Gene Simmons Tongue magazine will feature an article on Trent Reznor. Please visit the official Tongue site to view the cover or subscribe. The issue is scheduled to hit the stands this Spring. Thanks to LaMer2425.
Wednesday, 2/27/02

Rock Sound interviews Trent Reznor

The March 2002 issue of Rock Sound includes an interview with Nine Inch Nails' frontman Trent Reznor. The interview can be found in our Articles section or you can just click here. Many thanks to Cozbie for transcribing the interview!
Also, if you don't have a copy of the And All That Could Have Been live album, you can enter to win one at Rock Sound's SMASH AND GRAB.

Portuguese article and Direct TV bit

First up we have an article from the newspaper "Diário de Notícias" from 2/2/02. Lady_didymus was kind enough to translate it for us. You can read that here.
Cozbie sent in an image of Trent from Kerrang's fan feedback section.
Starting in March, Direct TV will be airing highlights from And All That Could Have Been and will feature an introduction from Trent beforehand. The special will be airing on weekends, according to the commercial. Thanks to drone.

Future interview w/ TR about role in game music

dwnwrd was ever so kind enough to send in this bit:
Rolling Stone Magazine passed along word that they'll be issuing their first ever edition of the magazine completely covering only interactive entertainment. The Rolling Stone Gaming issue will feature The 25 Most Important People in Gaming, Playing Themselves: Sports Stars and Their Video Game Obsessions (an article about sports stars and games), and an interview with Trent Reznor about his role in game music and his fascination with games in general. Look for it on newstands in early August. The issue will also revolve around the magazine's first annual Rolling Stone Gaming Awards - to be presented at E3 2002. Award categories will include Best Game Soundtrack/Music and Best Overall Video Game. Each award will be given out in both the PC and Console divisions. The winners will be chosen by the editors of Rolling Stone.
Sunday, 2/24/02

Johnny Cash to Cover Hurt

That is right... the original man in black will be covering the classic Nine Inch Nails song, Hurt on his next CD. Cash recently released a CD full of cover songs, including a cover of U2's One and Tom Petty's I Won't Back Down. Here is what Cash had to said about Nine Inch Nails, and Hurt in-particular:
"When I heard that song, I thought, 'That sounds like something I could have written in the 60's. There's more heart, soul and pain in that song than any I've heard in a long time. I love it."

Thursday, 2/21/02

Alex Burns digs into AATCHB on

Alex Burns, who gave us the fantastic breakdown of The Fragile in the article This Machine Is Obsolete, has yesterday posted a write-up on And All That Could Have Been, called songs for kahn. Burns' dissertations on Reznors works have been very good reads, and takes things to a depth that I've not seen pushed anywhere else. Highly Recommended Reading. Thanks to Brent for sending in the link.
Saturday, 2/16/02

News bits from the week

Over the month of February, one edition of MuchMusic's heavy metal show LOUD will feature George Stroumboulopoulos (MuchMusic's heavy metal VJ) interviewing Trent Reznor and getting a tour of Nothing Studios. Check here for the week this interview comes on. (The show airs every Saturday on Much at 11 pm Eastern, 8 pm Pacific and replays at 4 am Eastern, 1 am Pacific on Sunday morning). Thanks wicked2thousand.

German "Spiegel"-magazine reports about the "most important CDs of the week". It can be found here at their site. Thanks to laurence.
Johnathan sent in a bit for Valentine's Day which was funny. Dallas Morning News: Arts Section... "Whether you're blue or burned out these favorite love songs are here for you" "Sin", Nine Inch Nails. ;-)
CompuServe subscribers can listen to an exclusive interview with Trent in which he talks about the creation of his new multi-format release And All That Could Have Been, the current state of Nine Inch Nails and the status of his forthcoming album (Pretty much the all the topics covered in this latest media blitz). It can be found on their Music page link to Rock. Thanks to zephyr108.
Tperfect scanned a review of AATCHB from the Harford Courant. You can read it here.
Just a note that may be of interest- Telefon Tel Aviv was interviewed in the February edition of Keyboard magazine. The scanned interview and small news update can be viewed on our site.
Wednesday, 2/13/02

Sign up for the NIN online street team, win stuff

Well, get a chance to win some free AATCHB swag, anyway. This is the link sent to us (twice) pointing to where you can sign up and burn off some free time by joining a few new communities and making some friends, and discreetly inviting them to check out the Nine Inch Nails Live CD/DVD/VHS. If you can get ten posts within the next two days, you're pretty much set to get something, the way they make it sound on this page. So if you've got the free time, think up some good ways to spread the word.
Monday, 2/11/02

ET Online

ET Online has a small write-up on AATCHB, a few quotes from Trent, and a couple samples to listen to. Thanks to Danny.

February Sick Among the Pure Online

This month marks the return of the monthly online nothing records/nine inch nails online fan zine, Sick Among the Pure. Head on over and check out what the crew has assembled after their break from a hectic schedule.
Saturday, 2/09/02

CDNow Interview

Online music mega-store CD Now recently ran an interview with Trent Reznor. The intervew, which was supposed to be released on February 11th, was suprisingly posted today. Heres a wee bit of the interview:

Do you have a time frame for the release of a new album?

I'm right in the middle of working on a new album, on a couple of new projects, and that's exciting to me. When they get a little farther down the road, I'll assemble a band. I'm not saying it's gonna be a middle-age jazz band or anything..

The interview
reveals alot of great information on the process of turning the tour into the DVD that was recently released, along with a brief sketch of the future of the band.

Interview and various tidbits

It's Mardi Gras time again and Brenda sent this Reznor/Mardi Gras interview to mark the occasion. You can read the article on Playboy here.
Also wicked_2thousand has sent a bunch of FYI bits that we've included below.
Based on recent sales, the music store chain "Music World" has posted Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been as as their #6 best-seller at present (behind pop compilation MuchDance 2002, Grammy Nominees 2002, The Strokes "Is This it", the Shrek soundtrack, and Starsailor "Love is Here").
Also, all copies of the deluxe box set for And All That Could Have Been are sold out in Canada. That's right: you have to look to another country to buy a copy.
In the latest issue of Blender magazine, The Downward Spiral was listed as one of the 100 greatest American albums ever made at #80. There was a small review of the album (not much detail), a picture of Trent at Woodstock covered from head to toe in mud, and an interview on the making of the album. Unfortunately, my copy's lost somewhere and I don't have a scanner for any of the pictures, but here's an approximate quote from the mag:
God, no. Personally, I thought "Closer" was musically ridiculous. When I gave a copy to the record company, I told them "Sorry I don't have any singles on there." A few days later they called me up and said "'Closer' is a pretty good single."
Blender also did a review on And All That Could Have Been in a prevous issue.
Friday, 2/08/02 Updated

Visit the Current section of for information on television rebroadcasts and more. The and all that could have been site 't.v. special section' will carry the schedules and exclusive still performance videos from television. You will also find the below text on the official nin site regarding delays.
Both Nine Inch Nails and Nothing Records are aware of the delays that you are experiencing in getting copies of the nine inch nails live "And All That Could Have Been" CD/DVD/VHS.
Due to both manufacturing and distribution problems caused by an overwhelming demand, there have been delays in the release internationally.
We are sorry for the delays and hope to post an update on the situation as soon as we recieve on from out manufacturer/distrubutor universal music group.
In the meantime, please accept our sincere apologies. We share in your frustration and we are doing everthing possible to rectify the situation.
Thanks to Catherine and Matt.

Clouser helps Vixtrola on debut album

VIXTROLA has recently completed recording their debut album with producer Ric Ocasek and additional production and programming by Charlie Clouser. The album was recorded in Malibu, CA and at Electric Lady Studios in New York. Demo versions of a few songs are available in the Media section of Vixtrola's official website or at The official website reports that snippets of the real recordings as well as a few photos from the recording sessions will show up soon, but gives no info about the release date of the album. Vixtrola have been signed to Geffen/Interscope Records.
Vixtrola is comprised of 'two musicians sending songs back and forth across the Atlantic. Using breaks, beats, guitars and synths to lay the foundation for cool, melodic female vocals. Vixtrola have a passion for creating lush, etheral well crafted songs.' Check TRF. for more info. Thanks to Morpheus_TechnoPagan.
Thursday, 2/07/02

More Kerrang pics

We have a few more Kerrang mag pictures for you today. This batch was sent in by cozbie. The images are of a review, Trent, and cartoon.
Wednesday, 2/06/02

Kerrang pic from in-store signing and other tidbits

Thanks to Matildauk who scanned and sent us this picture of NIN from the Virgin Megastore signing in January. You can view it here.
Scot sent this in:
I was looking on the website and it looks like the deluxe version of "and all that could have been" has been delayed again for a 4th March release. To confirm this I decided to check the website which also says 4th March. You can check out the links to the items below. The HMV site also reports that the normal release is now been moved to 4th March, but is still reporting it to be an 18th February release. We hope the U.K. fans get a copy soon!
Clouser update:
If you go here you can see a pic of Charlie at the NAMM 2002 show. Thanks Mark. LMC Records, a major-distribution indie label, inked a deal with Revenge Of The Triads. More info can be found at the official LMC site and at Morpheus_TechnoPagan's The Remix Files.
Alt. Press mentions:
Miscellaneous News this month:
page l2: In The Studio: A Perfect Circle
page l8: V.D. Is For Everybody: Get your mind out of
the gutter! We're talking about Valentine's Day. (a
valentine card to clip out with mention of Marilyn
Manson, Squarepusher, Jack Off Jill, Nine Inch Nails,
and a small inset photo of Trent in a valentine.
page 34: TWEAKER (small article) "I love experimental electronic music, it's what I listen to the most," says CHRIS VRENNA, Grammy-winning former NINE INCH NAILS drummer and in-demand programmer...(excerpt from article) Thanks to Crystal.
MBM remix of NIN:
Electronic music pioneers Meat Beat Manifesto have been selected as the first artist to be featured in Brooklyn Music's Pro.File series showcasing today's best remixers. Pro.File Volume 1 will contain previously unreleased Meat Beat Manifesto remixes of tracks by Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, David Byrne and Banco De Gaia, amongst others. The album will be available sometime in February. Go here to read. Travis, who was nice enough to send this in to us added--I wouldn't be surprised if they meant previously RELEASED though. We shall see...

A few minor updates...

Take a second to go to Circus Magazine's website and vote for NIN. Bush is leading by a large margin, and I know between us and SeemsLikeSalvation we can do something to make a difference. And while we would like to discourage cheating, here's a link to a bunch of anonymous browsers. *nudge nudge*
We've got a nice article about Charlie Clouser going up either tonight or tomorrow - it's been an awfully busy week and I haven't had the time to convert it to HTML and post it properly yet.
Also, there have been some issues with our email forwarding - we got caught in a seemingly infinite loop with an ISP's auto-responder, and as a result, not all the staff has been getting all the news. And since most of the current staff doesn't have time to post news anyway, the chances of submitted email being posted this past week has been pretty weak. So if you sent something in and it hasn't been posted, we at least have an excuse this week ;)
Monday, 2/04/02

Upcoming CDnow interview blurb

RockSlutPress-- From Allstar Jan 29, 2002
Trent Reznor "Warren Beatty kind of takes over my soul and I start wanting to get photos retouched and that sort of thing."
"I am getting kind of tired of, 'Okay, it's another tour. Let's break out the corn starch.'"
"I don't know if it'll be me in a string quartet or me in an art exhibition."
These are just some of the things popping out of Trent Reznor's mouth in his recent CDNOW interview. To find out what the hell he's talking about, check out the full interview with Nine Inch Nails' main man on CDNOW on Feb. 11.

UK and Australian delays

The 18th of February is the latest date we have for the UK release of AATCHB. This is different than the 4th reported at the HMV website. There was also word from a UK fan that the classification board hasn't classified the DVD. Your guess is as good as ours why the release has been delayed. Thanks to UK fans: Floe, gasparo63, and Dan.
I think we posted Artwork delays already, but in case you missed it- From Australia:
AATCHB-dvd delayed until 24th of feb
AATCHB-LE 2CD delayed until 20th Feb
AATCHB-CD out 6th of feb
Thanks Darryl.

Triple J interview- Sunday part

A big thanks to Glyn for transcribing the Sunday part of the Triple J interview with Trent. You can read it here.
Monday, 2/04/02

Rolling Stone interviews and HLAH

Rolling Stone currently has "Head Like A Hole" streaming on their site, a three part interview with Reznor about the DVD, and an interview with Chris Vrenna. Thanks to Greg.

A couple of recent Reznor photos

I recieved these images anonymously, and despite them having awful color, I know there are more than a few of you out there who collect this stuff ;) These are two shots of Trent from Maxim's Superbowl party. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the images.
Saturday, 2/02/02

HMV ranking for AATCHB

AATCHB is ranked #1 at HMV. Thanks to Danny for the submission.
Friday, 2/01/02

106.7 the End giving away a copy of AATCHB

There is a small write up on AATCHB and a chance to enter a contest that ends Monday, February 4. Go here on the 106.7 site to read about their week's feautured cd and enter to win. Good luck! Thanks to Crystal.

More from Billboard and other listings

Nine Inch Nails has The Billboard 200's top two debuts, both with its live album "And All That Could Have Been" (Nothing/Interscope). The "deluxe" version -- which boasts a second disc of remixes and unreleased tracks -- sold more than 33,000 units, and enters No. 26, while the single disc offering sold more than 28,000 to arrive at No. 37. If the two versions were combined, the live project's sales were about 61,500 units, which would have placed the album at No. 12. The article is here (4th paragraph down). Thanks JJ. has listed the top 100 albums at present. AATCHB is at #5 behind the "I am Sam" soundtrack, Pink Floyd, Alan Jackson and Dream Theater. Thanks wicked2thousand.