Friday February 8, 2002

Clouser helps Vixtrola on debut album

VIXTROLA has recently completed recording their debut album with producer Ric Ocasek and additional production and programming by Charlie Clouser. The album was recorded in Malibu, CA and at Electric Lady Studios in New York. Demo versions of a few songs are available in the Media section of Vixtrola's official website or at mp3.com. The official website reports that snippets of the real recordings as well as a few photos from the recording sessions will show up soon, but gives no info about the release date of the album. Vixtrola have been signed to Geffen/Interscope Records.

Vixtrola is comprised of 'two musicians sending songs back and forth across the Atlantic. Using breaks, beats, guitars and synths to lay the foundation for cool, melodic female vocals. Vixtrola have a passion for creating lush, etheral well crafted songs.' Check TRF. for more info. Thanks to Morpheus_TechnoPagan.