Wednesday February 6, 2002

A few minor updates...

Take a second to go to Circus Magazine's website and vote for NIN. Bush is leading by a large margin, and I know between us and SeemsLikeSalvation we can do something to make a difference. And while we would like to discourage cheating, here's a link to a bunch of anonymous browsers. *nudge nudge*

We've got a nice article about Charlie Clouser going up either tonight or tomorrow - it's been an awfully busy week and I haven't had the time to convert it to HTML and post it properly yet.

Also, there have been some issues with our email forwarding - we got caught in a seemingly infinite loop with an ISP's auto-responder, and as a result, not all the staff has been getting all the news. And since most of the current staff doesn't have time to post news anyway, the chances of submitted email being posted this past week has been pretty weak. So if you sent something in and it hasn't been posted, we at least have an excuse this week ;)