Saturday February 9, 2002

Interview and various tidbits

It's Mardi Gras time again and Brenda sent this Reznor/Mardi Gras interview to mark the occasion. You can read the article on Playboy here.

Also wicked_2thousand has sent a bunch of FYI bits that we've included below.

Based on recent sales, the music store chain "Music World" has posted Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been as as their #6 best-seller at present (behind pop compilation MuchDance 2002, Grammy Nominees 2002, The Strokes "Is This it", the Shrek soundtrack, and Starsailor "Love is Here").

Also, all copies of the deluxe box set for And All That Could Have Been are sold out in Canada. That's right: you have to look to another country to buy a copy.

In the latest issue of Blender magazine, The Downward Spiral was listed as one of the 100 greatest American albums ever made at #80. There was a small review of the album (not much detail), a picture of Trent at Woodstock covered from head to toe in mud, and an interview on the making of the album. Unfortunately, my copy's lost somewhere and I don't have a scanner for any of the pictures, but here's an approximate quote from the mag:


God, no. Personally, I thought "Closer" was musically ridiculous. When I gave a copy to the record company, I told them "Sorry I don't have any singles on there." A few days later they called me up and said "'Closer' is a pretty good single."

Blender also did a review on And All That Could Have Been in a prevous issue.