Friday February 1, 2002

More from Billboard and other listings

Nine Inch Nails has The Billboard 200's top two debuts, both with its live album "And All That Could Have Been" (Nothing/Interscope). The "deluxe" version -- which boasts a second disc of remixes and unreleased tracks -- sold more than 33,000 units, and enters No. 26, while the single disc offering sold more than 28,000 to arrive at No. 37. If the two versions were combined, the live project's sales were about 61,500 units, which would have placed the album at No. 12. The article is here (4th paragraph down). Thanks JJ.

CDnow.com has listed the top 100 albums at present. AATCHB is at #5 behind the "I am Sam" soundtrack, Pink Floyd, Alan Jackson and Dream Theater. Thanks wicked2thousand.