Friday February 15, 2002

News bits from the week

Over the month of February, one edition of MuchMusic's heavy metal show LOUD will feature George Stroumboulopoulos (MuchMusic's heavy metal VJ) interviewing Trent Reznor and getting a tour of Nothing Studios. Check here for the week this interview comes on. (The show airs every Saturday on Much at 11 pm Eastern, 8 pm Pacific and replays at 4 am Eastern, 1 am Pacific on Sunday morning). Thanks wicked2thousand.

German "Spiegel"-magazine reports about the "most important CDs of the week". It can be found here at their site. Thanks to laurence.

Johnathan sent in a bit for Valentine's Day which was funny. Dallas Morning News: Arts Section... "Whether you're blue or burned out these favorite love songs are here for you" "Sin", Nine Inch Nails. ;-)

CompuServe subscribers can listen to an exclusive interview with Trent in which he talks about the creation of his new multi-format release And All That Could Have Been, the current state of Nine Inch Nails and the status of his forthcoming album (Pretty much the all the topics covered in this latest media blitz). It can be found on their Music page link to Rock. Thanks to zephyr108.

Tperfect scanned a review of AATCHB from the Harford Courant. You can read it here.

Just a note that may be of interest- Telefon Tel Aviv was interviewed in the February edition of Keyboard magazine. The scanned interview and small news update can be viewed on our site.