Wednesday February 6, 2002

Kerrang pic from in-store signing and other tidbits

Thanks to Matildauk who scanned and sent us this picture of NIN from the Virgin Megastore signing in January. You can view it here.

Scot sent this in:
I was looking on the HMV.co.uk website and it looks like the deluxe version of "and all that could have been" has been delayed again for a 4th March release. To confirm this I decided to check the Amazon.co.uk website which also says 4th March. You can check out the links to the items below. The HMV site also reports that the normal release is now been moved to 4th March, but Amazon.co.uk is still reporting it to be an 18th February release. We hope the U.K. fans get a copy soon!

Clouser update:
If you go here you can see a pic of Charlie at the NAMM 2002 show. Thanks Mark. LMC Records, a major-distribution indie label, inked a deal with Revenge Of The Triads. More info can be found at the official LMC site and at Morpheus_TechnoPagan's The Remix Files.

Alt. Press mentions:
Miscellaneous News this month:

page l2: In The Studio: A Perfect Circle

page l8: V.D. Is For Everybody: Get your mind out of
the gutter! We're talking about Valentine's Day. (a
valentine card to clip out with mention of Marilyn
Manson, Squarepusher, Jack Off Jill, Nine Inch Nails,
and a small inset photo of Trent in a valentine.

page 34: TWEAKER (small article) "I love experimental electronic music, it's what I listen to the most," says CHRIS VRENNA, Grammy-winning former NINE INCH NAILS drummer and in-demand programmer...(excerpt from article) Thanks to Crystal.

MBM remix of NIN:
Electronic music pioneers Meat Beat Manifesto have been selected as the first artist to be featured in Brooklyn Music's Pro.File series showcasing today's best remixers. Pro.File Volume 1 will contain previously unreleased Meat Beat Manifesto remixes of tracks by Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, David Byrne and Banco De Gaia, amongst others. The album will be available sometime in February. Go here to read. Travis, who was nice enough to send this in to us added--I wouldn't be surprised if they meant previously RELEASED though. We shall see...