Monday, 3/26/01

French magazine "D-Side" makes mention of NIN

A new French magazine called "D-Side" spawned from an earlier magazine titled "Elegy" 6 months ago. Now both magazines come out every 2 months, providing the French with monthly news.
In the "D-Side" issue 3, March 2001, Rammstein shows interest in mixing NIN material.
D-Side: "You already made great remixes, which band would you want to remix now?"
Rammstein: "Nine Inch Nails."
Also was a short interview clipping with Bill Viola, who created the backing videos for the U.S. Fragility tour.
D-Side: "How was the work with Trent Reznor?"
Viola: "Very great, he explained to me exactly what he wanted, and then, let me do what I wanted."
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Latest Blue Divide Mag Contains Jerome Dillon Interview

The latest issue of Blue Divide Magazine contains a lengthy interview with NIN drummer Jerome Dillon, along with a band shot of Nine Inch Nails on the cover.
Sunday, 3/25/01

Various tidbits / snipits about NIN

Help Me I'm In Hell was played at the A Perfect Circle show last Saturday (3-17) in Indianapolis while the band was making their last minute preparations to go on stage. Thanks, Matt.
In the May 2001 issue (#154) of Alternative Press, on page 4 of "Incoming Letters", there is a small photo of Trent with response letters from fans concerning the previous cover issue which featured Trent on the cover. Also, on page 102, NIN continues to take the top of the chart for Things Falling Apart on the Reader's Poll. Thanks out to Dark-AngelNine.
And finally, Mark supplied us with a snipit from a magazine interviewing Rammstein's lead singer, Till Lindemann. "Our work is for the ear and for the eye, when I saw Nine Inch Nails at a concert in Berlin, their music and what they did impressed me, it was a spectacle for the eyes and I thought that that had to go with my band," pointed the singer. If you're a fan of Rammstein, you can read the full article here.
Friday, 3/23/01

C. Clouser/P. Hamilton/Tapeworm progression

The Remix Files features an exclusive update direct from Charlie Clouser about the status of various studio projects. You can find out more in the "News" section, but in the meantime, here's what was said:

    "I just finished six more weeks of working with Page Hamilton on his new stuff... We finished writing and semi-producing five songs that we wrote together, and I mixed two songs of his that he had recorded in NYC with the guys he's got in his new band. So now he's armed with half-decent versions of those six songs and a couple of others that we had done a while back, and he's got to figure out what label he's going to go with.... with any luck, I can be involved in the production/mixing of his record. I'd love to record it with Dave "Rave" Ogilvie at the Warehouse studio in Vancouver, which has a fantastic live room and a great Neve console. So we shall see...
    As the smoke clears from this Page Hamilton stuff, I'm getting back into the swing of generating beats and basslines and stuff for new tapeworm/nin/whatever projects, which Trent is also doing down in studio A as we speak. So the pile of half-finished song ideas gets bigger and bigger! But there has been a few bits and pieces of press announcing that Tapeworm will have a fall release date, so I guess we had better get on the stick fast..."
    Charlie Clouser, "The Remix Files" Mar. 2001
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Misc. finding on

Today, J.S. informed us that is being featured on under this address. Check it out!
Thursday, 3/22/01

Sonicnet headline story on Vacant, APC & Napster

Today's front-page headline on SonicNet's news deals with an issue that's come up as a result of bootleg live recordings quickly finding their way to Napster.
In an article entitled (Don't) Love You Live: Napster Fears Keep Bands From Playing New Songs, Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle discusses the Vacant issue;
    "We only wanted to give it to that intimate audience," Howerdel said. "That [the song showed up on Napster] takes the decision making out of your hands, and that kinda sucks."

The article speaks at length about a number of issues concerning the almost-immedeate leaks of live shows, how this may effect the decisions of bands to preview new material live, and a whole slew of topics. Interesting reading worth taking a look at.
Tuesday, 3/20/01

600 archived NIN articles, interviews online

With great thanks going out to Keith Duemling and Tracy Thompson from the late, we are now able to provide you with the largest collection of text about Nine Inch Nails anywhere.
Culled from the archives of Smashed Up Sanity, these archives have articles, interviews, reviews and more dating back to the foundation of the band nine inch nails.
Our local search engine will have these articles indexed for search purposes later on tomorrow, but in the meantime, have a look around. Many thanks again to Keith & Tracy for their hard work in putting all this together, and an extended thanks to everyone who submitted articles to SUS & The Hotline in the past, ultimately helping contribute to this archive.
Sunday, 3/18/01

What's new with Nine Inch Nails?

The Weathermen are now offering the Slipping Away t-shirt as well as the 42-page program from the Fragility tour.
Also, an earlier update mentioned that the April issue of Alternative Press was featuring a contest. Well folks, that contest is now open and in progress! Win 1 of 5 autographed A.P. posters signed by Trent! Deadline is April 15, 2001. Thanks Alicia.
NIN is varied throughout the Jam! Showbiz Top 50 Singles Chart (in Canada) for the week ending March 11, 2001. Here are the stats:
    #90 Head Like A Hole
    #71 The Day The World Went Away
    #61 "The Perfect Drug" Versions
    #49 We're In This Together
    #32 Fixed
    #21 Closer

Thanks Deadpool5.
Trent Reznor on MTV's TestimonyMTV's Testimony: 20 Years of Rock premiered yesterday. If you didn't catch it then, the show is reairing at 3 PM EST today and again next Saturday at 12 PM EST. Highlights of NIN appeared every now and then on the show (Closer, Head Like a Hole, Wish, Lollapalooza '91, and Woodstock '94) along with short interview clips with Trent, and others, discussing the evolution of rock. Trent comments on bands such as Guns 'N Roses, Marilyn Manson, and of course NIN. Clips of the interviews may show up on MTV's official website later.
MTV also mentions a bit about NIN's contribution to music on their website:
    Though the true "alternative rock" no longer existed, many of the players were still around--just in a slightly different way. Courtney Love reigned on MTV, demanding respect for and celebrating the "girl band" with videos like Hole's "Live Through This" and "Miss World." Meanwhile, Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails revealed the darker side of rock with their mind-blowing video "Closer," which was even more non-traditional because of its techno influences.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed submissions about MTV's Testimony and a special thanks to Brent for the snapshot!
Monday, 3/12/01

Signs of progress on new NIN material?

KhrYst from Amenti Suncrown posted a notable bit of information on the newsgroup over the weekend. Take it as you will, remember - it's just a post on the internet.
"Anyone that read my post about our free cd realizes that Tom Baker who masters all the NIN stuff also mastered our project.....and that being said...
I hate to open a can of worms but the info about NIN not having a new stuff going on is completely false.
Trent was just here in LA last week with Tom Baker working on some new material...
So, keep your eyes and ears open.. :o)"

Quickie explanation: Mastering is a finalizing process that occurs just before pressing an album. Compressing and limiting the levels (making the whole album properly loud) and running it through a real precise equalizer - giving the album a feel of sonic continuity.
Still, don't get your hopes chalked up for anything too soon, it's best to wait until you see concrete things coming through official channels.
Sunday, 3/11/01

Latest mentioning of Tapeworm in Rolling Stone

In the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, a minor bit is mentioned about Tapeworm on page 24 featured in a section called "In the News."
Reznor Side Project in the Works
A long-in-the-works Nine Inch Nails side project, Tapeworm, is expected to release its first album in the fall. The group features NIN's Trent Reznor, Charlie Clouser and Danny Lohner, along with various vocalists. A Perfect Circle and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan recorded vocals for a track called "Vacant," which APC has frequently played at their gigs during the past year. Reznor, meanwhile is wrapping up work on a DVD documenting NIN's Fragility Tour and has been working up new NIN tricks in his New Orleans studio with The Fragile producer Alan Moulder."
Thanks out to Jake Larrison!
Saturday, 3/10/01


It looks as if has appeared, even if it is just a black page at this point. It is owned by nin/nothing, and seems to be a sister site similar to
One can only hope the DVD is nearing completion!

Source: preston from
Thursday, 3/08/01

Unofficial NIN 3D Laserlight Show in LA

The Laserium in Los Angeles, CA will be putting on a 3D Laserlight show dedicated to Nine Inch Nails this April. The show will obviously have Nails music playing, and feature 3D images relating to the music. Keep in mind that this show is unofficial, and the band has nothing to do with it. But nonetheless, they are pretty fun.
You can find some more info on the show over at
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Palahniuk Mentions Reznor doing Survivor Soundtrack

Chuck Palahniuk, author of the hit novel/movie Fight Club, has once again mentioned Trent Reznor doing the soundtrack to his next film, Survivor. Palahniuk also stated that he listened to the NIN remix album Fixed while writing another novel of his, Lullaby.
This and much more about Chuck P can be found at
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Tuesday, 3/06/01

NIN Mentions Around the Music World

Theres been a few mentions of Nine Inch Nails in the music world lately. Many of you have probably noticed that the new Lords of Acid album is titled "Farstucker", which appears to be a play on the NIN song, Starfucker.

In a recent interview, Moby was describing the Glastonbury festival and mentioned NIN, "We played at dusk and it was clear and the sunset was subtle and beautiful. And I watched the guys in Nine Inch Nails cover each other in baby powder or flour, and that was entertaining. " For more on NIN covering themselves in corn starch... watch Closure.

New Chris Vrenna Interview has posted a lengthy interview with former NIN drummer, Chris Vrenna. The interview is very interesting, it discusses Chrises many projects at the moment (including producing the next Cold CD, Tweaker, the Alice soundtrack, and more). The interview is actually in Audio and text, so make sure to check it out! Heres a bit of what he had to say:

    The greatest thing that I've been so lucky with is that I've been fortunate enough to do so many different things - I produce bands, then I'll do remixes, then I get to do the scoring thing and then I have my own record deal. It never gets boring.

Source: Mike Sanford
Monday, 3/05/01

March issue of Sick Among the Pure

The March issue of Sick Among the Pure has just hit the net. The massive NIN E-zine keeps getting better and better. This months issue contains articles on violent fans, the face of music under a new presidency, hidden treasures, 12 Rounds, Marilyn Manson and more!
Make sure to check out Sick Among the Pure, and keep it bookmarked, the sites going to be getting better every month.
Friday, 3/02/01

Redesigned Invisible Records site

When you visit the newly redesigned Invisible Records site you will see news for the release of (THE BEST OF)PIGFACE "Preaching to the Perverted". Tracks performed by Trent Reznor and former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna appear on the cd.
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