Thursday March 22, 2001

Sonicnet headline story on Vacant, APC & Napster

Today's front-page headline on SonicNet's news deals with an issue that's come up as a result of bootleg live recordings quickly finding their way to Napster.
In an article entitled (Don't) Love You Live: Napster Fears Keep Bands From Playing New Songs, Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle discusses the Vacant issue;

    "We only wanted to give it to that intimate audience," Howerdel said. "That [the song showed up on Napster] takes the decision making out of your hands, and that kinda sucks."

The article speaks at length about a number of issues concerning the almost-immedeate leaks of live shows, how this may effect the decisions of bands to preview new material live, and a whole slew of topics. Interesting reading worth taking a look at.