Monday March 12, 2001

Signs of progress on new NIN material?

KhrYst from Amenti Suncrown posted a notable bit of information on the newsgroup alt.music.nin over the weekend. Take it as you will, remember - it's just a post on the internet.

"Anyone that read my post about our free cd realizes that Tom Baker who masters all the NIN stuff also mastered our project.....and that being said...

I hate to open a can of worms but the info about NIN not having a new stuff going on is completely false.

Trent was just here in LA last week with Tom Baker working on some new material...

So, keep your eyes and ears open.. :o)"

Quickie explanation: Mastering is a finalizing process that occurs just before pressing an album. Compressing and limiting the levels (making the whole album properly loud) and running it through a real precise equalizer - giving the album a feel of sonic continuity.

Still, don't get your hopes chalked up for anything too soon, it's best to wait until you see concrete things coming through official channels.