Monday March 26, 2001

French magazine "D-Side" makes mention of NIN

A new French magazine called "D-Side" spawned from an earlier magazine titled "Elegy" 6 months ago. Now both magazines come out every 2 months, providing the French with monthly news.

In the "D-Side" issue 3, March 2001, Rammstein shows interest in mixing NIN material.

D-Side: "You already made great remixes, which band would you want to remix now?"
Rammstein: "Nine Inch Nails."

Also was a short interview clipping with Bill Viola, who created the backing videos for the U.S. Fragility tour.

D-Side: "How was the work with Trent Reznor?"
Viola: "Very great, he explained to me exactly what he wanted, and then, let me do what I wanted."

Thanks to Ninjaw, webmaster of ninfr.com.