Friday March 23, 2001

C. Clouser/P. Hamilton/Tapeworm progression

The Remix Files features an exclusive update direct from Charlie Clouser about the status of various studio projects. You can find out more in the "News" section, but in the meantime, here's what was said:

    "I just finished six more weeks of working with Page Hamilton on his new stuff... We finished writing and semi-producing five songs that we wrote together, and I mixed two songs of his that he had recorded in NYC with the guys he's got in his new band. So now he's armed with half-decent versions of those six songs and a couple of others that we had done a while back, and he's got to figure out what label he's going to go with.... with any luck, I can be involved in the production/mixing of his record. I'd love to record it with Dave "Rave" Ogilvie at the Warehouse studio in Vancouver, which has a fantastic live room and a great Neve console. So we shall see...

    As the smoke clears from this Page Hamilton stuff, I'm getting back into the swing of generating beats and basslines and stuff for new tapeworm/nin/whatever projects, which Trent is also doing down in studio A as we speak. So the pile of half-finished song ideas gets bigger and bigger! But there has been a few bits and pieces of press announcing that Tapeworm will have a fall release date, so I guess we had better get on the stick fast..."

    Charlie Clouser, "The Remix Files" Mar. 2001

Many thanks to Morpheus TechnoPagan, webmaster of TRF!