Sunday March 25, 2001

Various tidbits / snipits about NIN

Help Me I'm In Hell was played at the A Perfect Circle show last Saturday (3-17) in Indianapolis while the band was making their last minute preparations to go on stage. Thanks, Matt.

In the May 2001 issue (#154) of Alternative Press, on page 4 of "Incoming Letters", there is a small photo of Trent with response letters from fans concerning the previous cover issue which featured Trent on the cover. Also, on page 102, NIN continues to take the top of the chart for Things Falling Apart on the Reader's Poll. Thanks out to Dark-AngelNine.

And finally, Mark supplied us with a snipit from a magazine interviewing Rammstein's lead singer, Till Lindemann. "Our work is for the ear and for the eye, when I saw Nine Inch Nails at a concert in Berlin, their music and what they did impressed me, it was a spectacle for the eyes and I thought that that had to go with my band," pointed the singer. If you're a fan of Rammstein, you can read the full article here.