Sunday March 11, 2001

Latest mentioning of Tapeworm in Rolling Stone

In the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, a minor bit is mentioned about Tapeworm on page 24 featured in a section called "In the News."

Reznor Side Project in the Works
A long-in-the-works Nine Inch Nails side project, Tapeworm, is expected to release its first album in the fall. The group features NIN's Trent Reznor, Charlie Clouser and Danny Lohner, along with various vocalists. A Perfect Circle and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan recorded vocals for a track called "Vacant," which APC has frequently played at their gigs during the past year. Reznor, meanwhile is wrapping up work on a DVD documenting NIN's Fragility Tour and has been working up new NIN tricks in his New Orleans studio with The Fragile producer Alan Moulder."

Thanks out to Jake Larrison!