Friday, 8/30/13

A chance to win a standard edition UK version of Hesitation Marks

After seeing so many Came Back Haunted promo CDs on eBay, I flailed around in emails to Columbia Records to see if they would be interested in sending something like that our way for a giveaway. I flailed, but I failed. However, my flailing motion was so dramatic that I caught the attention of some really cool people across the Atlantic. Whereas I got in touch with Columbia and was basically rebuffed, Polydor Records, who is distributing Hesitation Marks in the UK, got in touch with me, and was all "How can we help?" It's all very confusing for me. So we've got a couple of giveaways coming up - the first one opens at noon, but since I'll be at lunch, I'm going to post it now. (Your entries don't get accepted until noon.) It'll be followed up by a slightly more exclusive (UK only) contest for something different. More on that later, but first:

We've got five copies of the new album, and Polydor will ship them anywhere. You want one? You can enter on the form below, or at our Facebook page. Hell, you can even tweet to enter - but you'll have to follow us on Twitter to find out how to do that. Massive thanks to that dude who runs NINwiki for supplying the mechanism by which this contest is being managed, and to the fine friendly folks at Polydor Records for making this possible in the first place.

Thursday, 8/29/13

How do you choreograph a big festival production?

Like this. The following video showed up on Vevo today and is listed as the first part in a series of... parts about the current NIN festival tour. Enough talking, watch the video below and enjoy!

Monday, 8/26/13

The art and music that make up Hesitation Marks, and a nice interview with Trent

Earlier today, I corrected Leviathant when he dual posted the Hesitation Marks review after JessicaSarahS and the update was removed. However! There was another item in that update that should be mentioned again, and that is... Hesitation Marks is available on the internet. It is our policy that we don't post links to early leaks, but we can at least help out fans in the US by posting the link to the iTunes early streaming of the album. Enjoy that here.

What else... Earlier today, a video was posted highlighting the artwork of Hesitation Marks, which was produced by Russell Mills with direction from Rob Sheridan. The video for that is below.

Also, Spin has a great interview that was published today. Trent is featured as the cover story for the latest issue.

Finally, have you heard Hesitation Marks yet? How about not? Either way, we have a relatively spoiler-free thread on ETS discussing the album. I've proclaimed it to be the best NIN record since The Fragile. Agree? Disagree? Join us in discussing it if you'd like to weigh in.
Monday, 8/26/13

Nine Inch Nails playing surprise gig at The Troubadour

On the day of the release of their album, NIN are playing at The Troubadour in Hollywood. With a capacity of 300-400, that's even smaller than the Bowery Ballroom show. How do you get in to this exclusive CD release party? Well, you can enter via KROQ. That's all we got. Good luck!

This Noise Inside My Head: Hesitation Marks Album Review

ETS member Botley has shared his very thorough review of Hesitation Marks. If you're trying to avoid spoilers, I'd recommend reading this after you have the album. While you're there, check out his other interesting analyses of individual NIN tracks.

Read the Hesitation Marks review here.
Thursday, 8/22/13

"Find My Way" debuts on Zane Lowe

Short and to the point - "Find My Way" debuted on Zane Lowe's radio program today and is now available for streaming via the show's "iPlayer." You'll want to skip to 43:40 to hear it (Zane does some talking at the beginning and end of the song so be warned). Click Me!

As usual, feel free to join us on ETS to discuss the track.
Wednesday, 8/21/13

What's that? There's controversy over the new NIN song?

Reaction over the new Nine Inch Nails song, "Everything" has been quite the mixed bag. ETS has played host to a lot of opinions on the song, along with several other locations. Our very own Leviathant was interviewed on the Rock it Out! Blog for his take on the reaction to the song and what it means in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy!

Monday, 8/19/13

Stream "Everything" Right now! And downloads for Pre-orders.

If you missed the Zane Lowe interview with Trent Reznor on BBC Radio1, they debuted "Everything" on air. You can listen to the song now on NPR Music's All Songs Considered. I will post a link to the Zane Lowe interview once it becomes available.

And according to @nineinchnails on Twitter, if you preordered Hesitation Marks from, check your account at to download "Everything" free!

**Edit** You can listen to Zane Lowe's interview with Trent here:
Sunday, 8/18/13

"Everything" due out Tuesday, August 20

The single artwork for EverythingAccording to Freegal Music, the next single from Hesitation Marks is going to be the track "Everything," and it's going to be released this coming Tuesday. Freegal also posted the artwork you see here, although this is about as large as I can get it, in the coming days you'll no doubt see a much higher resolution copy bubble up through official channels.

No word as to if this will get a promo CD the way Came Back Haunted did, but earlier this month, in an Instagram comment, Trent Reznor alluded to a new video. Stay tuned...
Saturday, 8/17/13

NIN Hotline t-shirts, 2013 iteration

A month or two ago, I tried out using TeeSpring for a run of Echoing the Sound shirts. A number of people complained that the shirts weren't black. (A lot of other people really liked the silvery color that was chosen.) The Teespring campaign was successful, and the shirts were shipped about two weeks later. I was impressed enough by the quality of what I got that I decided to have another go at a NIN Hotline shirt. The first batch I did in 2000 was pretty simple. In 2007, I regrettably had shirts made through Faction - the shirts and the ink were fine, but the print was much smaller than I was expecting.

So I set about throwing some ideas together for a shirt that I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear (although you could say I have no shame anyway, but I digress) and I came up with this:

The front is very simple, "ninhotline" in Akzidenz-Grotesk bold in the style of broken and ninetynine, and the back is meticulously traced from a photograph I took of the back of the last-in-the-warehouse "gargoyle" shirts that were sold during the Dissonance performance/Outside Tour, oh, seventeen years ago. It's as big as I can get it, because I kind of miss the huge prints from TDS era shirts. Being that the design is from the mid-to-late nineties, where everything was distressed, I made sure to preserve all the nooks and crannies. I think it looks pretty great on a black shirt. Yes, my OCD gets kind of itchy that I'm mixing eras with my design, but people are only going to see one side at a time anyway, and if you don't like the back, wear a jacket over the shirt. Well, that or just don't pre-order it. No pressure.

The shirt itself will be an American Apparel shirt, because I've found them to be comfortable and decent quality. It's a little more expensive than the other options, but why use a crappy canvas?

If I did my math right and the shipping hasn't changed, the shirt will come out to $25 shipped, if you select standard shipping within the United States (edit: $24.97 shipped, SO CLOSE). Unfortunately, shipping outside the US is something like $10, but there's not a whole lot I can do about that.

These shirts are pre-order only. If you do not get your order in by September 1st, there is no overstock that you can buy from later. We effectively break the mold. Also, if fewer than 30 shirts are pre-ordered, then no money changes hands, and the shirts aren't made. In the ETS shirt run, one person's shirt had a printing error (a little dot of ink was missing in the 'e') and that's how I learned that you can't exchange it for another shirt, but you do get your money back.

Anyway, sorry for going meta for a little bit - now back to your regularly scheduled Nine Inch Nails news.
Friday, 8/16/13

Pictoral evidence of physical media surfaces

Hesitation MarksThis photo just showed up on the internet. If you're reading this via RSS, first, sorry the feed was down again for the last few days, but now that's out of the way, what you're missing is a picture of a bunch of spines that say "hesitation marks" on the side.

In related news, signs very strongly point to the new single being "Everything" with a video being created by Shynola, due out in about a week and a half. The song was going to debut at Lollapalooza, but in a late decision, was scrapped from the set.

Still StillIs that picture of a bunch of NIN albums still getting you excited? Well, I reached out to the guy at Columbia Records who presumably could hook us up with stuff to give away, and... well, he basically ignored me. I was hoping to rescue some of those Came Back Haunted promo CDs from the types who just list them on eBay, maybe some of those awesome Hesitation Marks posters that went up in Chicago before Lollapalooza, but I learned a long time ago that record labels aren't really interested in working with us, and apparently that hasn't changed, so we're going to do our own thing. I'm lucky enough to be going to a few shows on the upcoming tour, and I'll be taking a box of still-sealed copies of And All That Could Have Been: Still with me (finagled from an unpaid storage container. seriously!), and I'll be hiding them (and maybe some other sweet NIN swag) in places that I'll tweet about from our Twitter account (I mean, why tweet from anywhere else?).

Scala tickets they ain't, but I make do with what I've got.
Tuesday, 8/13/13

Pre-ordered Hesitation Marks? Check your account history

There's a FLAC copy of... well, you know. If you've pre-ordered the new NIN album you can now download Copy of A as MP3, lossless AAC, FLAC, or WAV. The NIN Tumblr account posted a huge version of the artwork, too. That's it. Short update.
Sunday, 8/11/13

The next single off Hestiation Marks? Copy of A digital freebie released

Copy of A Copy of A Copy of A Copy of A Someone very quietly told to release the studio version of Copy of A as a free download. Around the same time, the song turned up on (US), but with a note that those of us in the US can download it on Tuesday, August 13.

I'm pretty sure that somewhere, no matter where you're located, you can download the free MP3 right now. And then you can talk about it on Echoing the Sound.
Friday, 8/09/13

New Interview: The nine lives of Trent Reznor

The Guardian has a new interview with Trent Reznor where he discusses the tour and the new album.

The despair and loneliness and rage and isolation and the not-fitting-in aspect that still is in me, but I can express that in a way that feels more appropriate to who I am now. And often that rage is quieter.

Photo by Rob Sheridan

Read it here:

Thanks to Adam for submitting.

NIN Festival Tour Teaser from the Moment Factory

Just like they did with How To Destroy Angels' tour, Moment Factory has created another teaser video showcasing the stage design and visuals featured in the current festival round for Nine Inch Nails. View the video below.

NIN Festival Tour - Teaser from Moment Factory on Vimeo.
Thursday, 8/08/13

Outside Lands UStream & Trent on the cover of Rolling Stone

Can't make it to Outside Lands? Watch the show on UStream! NIN is scheduled for 8:25pm - 9:55pm. Thanks to Mike B. for the update.

Also, Trent is featured on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone Australia. Thanks to Alan for the info!

GPO, Rundgren, 0PN featured on deluxe edition of Hesitation Marks

ETS n00b Bachy noticed the iTunes page for Hesitation Marks just updated with new artwork and details - slated for this release, Oneohtrix Point Never remixes "Find My Way", Breyer P-Orridge remixes "While I'm Still Here", and Tood Rundgren is remixing "All Time Low." You know, no big deal.

We're still not sure who Trent Reznor's having a conversation with, though.

If you're not seeing this in iTunes, here's a screengrab, courtesy the previously mentioned Bachy.
Hesitation Marks Deluxe Edition

Later 8/8 Update: The Japanese standard release does that Japanese release thing and puts an Autolux remix of Everything in an album with a slightly different cover, according to, well, Universal Japan. Quoting Google Translate, "Original album that is 8 in total of work in response to the first day Fuji Rock headlining appearance ... It's content Fuckin 'The Great says clearly. Different things actually."
Wednesday, 8/07/13

Nine Inch Nails announce initmate London club performance

Across the various social media platforms Nine Inch Nails engages in, but perhaps detailed best on their tumblr page, an announcement was made that in two days, tickets go on sale for an August 20 show at Scala, a 1,165 capacity club in London. Tickets will go on sale via at 5pm. Good luck!
Monday, 8/05/13

New radio interview with Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor sits down with Walt from Q877 for an interview before NIN's Lollapalooza performance. Thanks to Jon for posting this to the hotline facebook & to spiral94 for posting this to NIN spotting on ETS.

Listen here:

Lollapalooza performance video and photos

NIN's full performance from Lollapalooza is available on youtube:

Photos from lollapalooza posted by joplinpicasso & ninjaw to NIN spotting
Friday, 8/02/13

What's it like being a NIN keyboard tech?

If you've been reading this page from the very start, there's a very good chance that you were on DALnet #nin99, an IRC channel that sprung up around the time first opened. While I eventually was made 'founder' of the channel, it was begun by these two guys, Justin and Jesse, who went by justmcg and jabbaba. There was so much going on in that channel that wasn't being covered in a timely fashion by SLS News that I decided to start a website with multiple contributors (Just Paul and John at first), so that everyone in the channel could keep up with the updates that happened while they were away. the ninetynine hotline sprung forth. (By the year two thousand, the middle word got abbreviated.)

What's all this got to do with the headline atop this blurb? Some fourteen years later, the guy who started the channel that's responsible for this website is Alessandro's right-hand synth man. I mean, Justin McGrath also has done a few things in between, but seriously, how fucking cool is that? Tonight's Lollapalooza performance was his first show with NIN on his home turf. Congrats and good luck, Justin!