Friday August 30, 2013

A chance to win a standard edition UK version of Hesitation Marks

After seeing so many Came Back Haunted promo CDs on eBay, I flailed around in emails to Columbia Records to see if they would be interested in sending something like that our way for a giveaway. I flailed, but I failed. However, my flailing motion was so dramatic that I caught the attention of some really cool people across the Atlantic. Whereas I got in touch with Columbia and was basically rebuffed, Polydor Records, who is distributing Hesitation Marks in the UK, got in touch with me, and was all "How can we help?" It's all very confusing for me. So we've got a couple of giveaways coming up - the first one opens at noon, but since I'll be at lunch, I'm going to post it now. (Your entries don't get accepted until noon.) It'll be followed up by a slightly more exclusive (UK only) contest for something different. More on that later, but first:

We've got five copies of the new album, and Polydor will ship them anywhere. You want one? You can enter on the form below, or at our Facebook page. Hell, you can even tweet to enter - but you'll have to follow us on Twitter to find out how to do that. Massive thanks to that dude who runs NINwiki for supplying the mechanism by which this contest is being managed, and to the fine friendly folks at Polydor Records for making this possible in the first place.