Monday August 26, 2013

The art and music that make up Hesitation Marks, and a nice interview with

Earlier today, I corrected Leviathant when he dual posted the Hesitation Marks review after JessicaSarahS and the update was removed. However! There was another item in that update that should be mentioned again, and that is... Hesitation Marks is available on the internet. It is our policy that we don't post links to early leaks, but we can at least help out fans in the US by posting the link to the iTunes early streaming of the album. Enjoy that here.

What else... Earlier today, a video was posted highlighting the artwork of Hesitation Marks, which was produced by Russell Mills with direction from Rob Sheridan. The video for that is below.

Also, Spin has a great interview that was published today. Trent is featured as the cover story for the latest issue.

Finally, have you heard Hesitation Marks yet? How about not? Either way, we have a relatively spoiler-free thread on ETS discussing the album. I've proclaimed it to be the best NIN record since The Fragile. Agree? Disagree? Join us in discussing it if you'd like to weigh in.