Wednesday August 7, 2013

GPO, Rundgren, 0PN featured on deluxe edition of Hesitation Marks

ETS n00b Bachy noticed the iTunes page for Hesitation Marks just updated with new artwork and details - slated for this release, Oneohtrix Point Never remixes "Find My Way", Breyer P-Orridge remixes "While I'm Still Here", and Tood Rundgren is remixing "All Time Low." You know, no big deal.

We're still not sure who Trent Reznor's having a conversation with, though.

If you're not seeing this in iTunes, here's a screengrab, courtesy the previously mentioned Bachy.
Hesitation Marks Deluxe Edition

Later 8/8 Update: The Japanese standard release does that Japanese release thing and puts an Autolux remix of Everything in an album with a slightly different cover, according to, well, Universal Japan. Quoting Google Translate, "Original album that is 8 in total of work in response to the first day Fuji Rock headlining appearance ... It's content Fuckin 'The Great says clearly. Different things actually."