Monday, 12/19/11

Trent Reznor: The Fresh Air Interview

The man behind Nine Inch Nails composed the music for the U.S. film adaption of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Here, he discusses composing the film's unsettling score, his early days making music in Cleveland and his work with Nine Inch Nails.

Visit NPR's site to listen to the audio interview and read the article.
Thursday, 12/15/11
Tuesday, 12/13/11

NPR "All Songs Considered" lists Immigrant Song among 5 best covers of 2011

Over at NPR, where I hear far more interesting and varied music than on any commercial station, the All Songs Considered blog has a new entry tonight by Michael Katzif, which opens with an absolutely gushing write-up of the Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross & Karen O cover of Immigrant Song: "This treatment of "Immigrant Song" is an absolute stunner: Reznor's pulsating industrial electronics grind with abrasive intensity that serves as a perfect bed for Karen O's unsettling howl. The signature riffs are all there, yet the song is transformed into a Gothic nightmare, both sexy and disturbing." They've embedded the SonyPictures audio-only YouTube clip - as if you haven't already heard the song.

Thanks to Dra508 for posting this over at the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack thread at ETS.
Sunday, 12/11/11

With the soundtrack out, it's talk-to-the-press time

The first new interview with Atticus and Trent to surface in quite some time showed in an LA Times article written by Todd Martens, and not long afterward, The Sun followed suit over in the UK. Both articles are worth the read, but here are some highlights:
  • 'Finally! Now there's serial killers, tension, anal rapings and stuff like that'
  • His next project with the band he founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1988 will be a deluxe edition of Trent's favourite and third NIN studio album, 1999's The Fragile, in surround sound.
  • "In the midst of doing the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack this year, we've also been working part-time on a real full-length record of How To Destroy Angels. "

  • We're looking forward to a busy 2012.

David Fincher provides visuals to "Immigrant Song"

On Saturday, Amy Phillips opened her browser to the admin for Pitchforkmedia's content management system and punched in a new article wherein she announced the debut of a video clip put together by David Fincher to go along with the incredible opener from the soundtrack for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She wraps the brief update by stating that "the creepy, mysterious video for the song features a collage created by Fincher for the title sequence of the film." The video feels like a modern take on the Broken-era aesthetic of Nine Inch Nails videos, from Happiness in Slavery to the Tsukamoto MTV Japan clip. Enough typing - here's the clip:

Thursday, 12/08/11

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo S/T is Out (almost)

Dragon Tattoo Tonight marks the release of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' soundtrack for David Fincher's latest film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The soundtrack is already available to download from iTunes and we're seeing reports from those who pre-ordered from Topspin saying that their soundtrack downloads are becoming active.

As is the norm, join us on the newly relaunched Echoing The Sound forums in the thread for the soundtrack. We'll be up all night talking about the soundtrack and the How To Destroy Angels cover of Bryan Ferry's "Is Your Love Strong Enough?"

Also, like you need us to remind you, but the movie will be out Dec. 21st in the US and dates on or around the same time across the world.
Monday, 12/05/11

Trent talks to Radio One, writing with NIN in mind next year!

Trent has just been interviewed by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio One in the UK. For most the interview they talked about the obvious subject of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack which has just recently been annouced.

But the juicy bits of the interview came at the end when Zane Lowe asked about How To Destroy Angels and NIN. Were already expecting the first full lengeth from HTDA next year but Trent slipped out that they have had offers for live shows and they are trying to figure out "what makes the most sense", which is exciting because it means they are at least considering playing live! Trent of course, has not played live since deciding to stop touring Nine Inch Nails indefinetly. And as for NIN, excitingly Trent said he will be specifically writing with NIN in mind throughout 2012. Looks like we've got some great stuff to look forward to.

For UK readers you'll be able to listen to his interview via BBC iplayer soon (I'll edit in the link once it's up), otherwise hoperfully someone will have recorded it (keep your eye on the newly refurbished ETS)

EDIT: You can listen to the interview via YouTube here.

EDIT 2: Sorry guys apparently that above YouTube link only works in the UK, you should be able to listen here, the interview starts about an hour and 14 minutes in, thanks to Nick Acosta for the link and everyone else who e-mailed/tweeted.

Update for those ordering Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack overseas

From Null / Rebel Waltz:

Problems with our international store launch forced us to re-direct people to purchase from Null where there was only an option to ship from the US. This has resulted in higher than intended shipping costs for some non-US sales. Overseas customers who purchased from Null with less favorable currency exchange will be rebated the difference in shipping costs in the form of a discount on their purchase. Specific timing and process of this rebate will be posted within 48 hours.

In an effort to reduce this pricing disparity Null will be adding an option to buy in sterling and ship from the UK starting now. This will permit us to serve all customers worldwide while providing more affordable shipping options. Upon entering the site you will be given an option in the upper right hand corner to select currency - either US dollars or British Sterling. See the below recommendation for the cheapest shipping suggestions to determine which is the best currency option for where you live:

• All North and South America - purchase in dollars
• Everywhere else in the world - purchase in sterling

• UK - purchase in sterling
• Everywhere else in the world - purchase in dollars

Also, if you have experienced any difficulty or confusion with your Sandbag orders we are stepping in to facilitate. For any concerns with your order, please send these requests / inquiries to us through "Topspin Support" and we will give it prompt personal service. In addition to Sandbag inquiries this is where ANYONE can send customer service requests.

Click here to submit your request:

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience over the past few days and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.
Thursday, 12/01/11

Details emerge for Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack


Here's the link to the website - CLICK ME

So, going the Ghosts route, there's going to be a Deluxe Edition. I'm copying and pasting below -

Choice of Apple Lossless, FLAC or 320 kbps MP3
The full album on six pieces of 180 gram vinyl
Deluxe book package with metal cover in a hard plastic "ice" slip cover
Exclusive custom 8gb metal razor blade USB pendant, inspired by Lisbeth's razor blade necklace
USB drive contains the full album in high-fidelity 96k audio
Fold-out poster by Neil Kellerhouse
Numbered limited edition of 3000
Personally signed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
Images shown are concept renderings.
Appearance and content subject to change
Ships February 6, 2012

There are also CD, mp3, and HD audio versions available as well. The CD will ship around the date Amazon posted and the digital versions will be available for download on December 9th.
Thursday, 12/01/11

Button Pushing

From the Twitter account of Trent Reznor -

"Button pushing will commence in 4 hrs, 6 min."

That was 1 hour, 41 minutes ago.

Get ready. Join us and speculate what the update could mean in the thread for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on ETS.

Amazon taking pre-orders for "Dragon Tattoo" soundtrack

As of a few minutes ago, Amazon went live with a page with some details on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack - the three-disc score will be released in the US by Null Corporation on December 27th for $25.15. An announcement by Trent about the soundtrack is expected later today.

Echoing The Sound Returns

Short version - ETS IS BACK!
Click here for the new ETS

Long version -
A few months ago, the DNS for ETS expired and the board was MIA. WTF. OMG. ARG?


SO! Matt and Brandon put their heads together and decided to make some stuff happen. We decided to go with vBulletin and then modded the you-know-what out of it to recapture the traditional vibe of the old board while overhauling the UI and modernizing it. What we have is a new version of ETS and a bunch of new features.

First things first - We don't have old user info, so everyone will have to re-register. Your welcome email will probably go straight to your spam folder. [This is because of DNS issues, can't do much about it unless Greg changes stuff]. It’s worth noting that we’re still going to try and get a backup of the old board at some point for archival purposes. But yes, old post counts are gone. Time to start anew.

Users interested in Mobile browsing should buy Tapatalk from the appropriate app store for your mobile device. It’s $2.99 from iTunes and Android (I haven’t found out yet for Blackberry) and has a pretty solid UI. Search for ETS and you should be able to see us.

Blackberry - Android - iTunes

If you insist on donating, donations are done via Paid Subscriptions, which are accessible in the side menu under Settings after you've signed in. Paid membership gives you more space for private messages (250, vs the standard 50), as well as the ability to upload your own avatar and user profile photo to the server. There is also a "tenant" subscription which allows you to attach files to posts. The 5/10/20 subscriptions all have the same benefits, and the 25/yr 'tenant' is the same as those but with file attachments. Why did we limit it to $25? A lot of people wanted to donate a lot more than $25 and... we really didn’t have a way to prorate the money to future payments for the board.

You can also connect to Facebook and have it import information to ETS. You can also disable Facebook with the “I Fucking Hate Facebook” box in profile settings. Each thread also has the infamous Facebook “LIKE” button so you can share that particular thread on your Wall. You can publish that you created a new thread to Facebook as well.

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