Sunday December 11, 2011

With the soundtrack out, it's talk-to-the-press time

The first new interview with Atticus and Trent to surface in quite some time showed in an LA Times article written by Todd Martens, and not long afterward, The Sun followed suit over in the UK. Both articles are worth the read, but here are some highlights:
  • 'Finally! Now there's serial killers, tension, anal rapings and stuff like that'
  • His next project with the band he founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1988 will be a deluxe edition of Trent's favourite and third NIN studio album, 1999's The Fragile, in surround sound.
  • "In the midst of doing the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack this year, we've also been working part-time on a real full-length record of How To Destroy Angels. "

  • We're looking forward to a busy 2012.