Tuesday December 13, 2011

NPR "All Songs Considered" lists Immigrant Song among 5 best covers of 2011

Over at NPR, where I hear far more interesting and varied music than on any commercial station, the All Songs Considered blog has a new entry tonight by Michael Katzif, which opens with an absolutely gushing write-up of the Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross & Karen O cover of Immigrant Song: "This treatment of "Immigrant Song" is an absolute stunner: Reznor's pulsating industrial electronics grind with abrasive intensity that serves as a perfect bed for Karen O's unsettling howl. The signature riffs are all there, yet the song is transformed into a Gothic nightmare, both sexy and disturbing." They've embedded the SonyPictures audio-only YouTube clip - as if you haven't already heard the song.

Thanks to Dra508 for posting this over at the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack thread at ETS.