Wednesday November 30, 2011

Echoing The Sound Returns

Short version - ETS IS BACK!
Click here for the new ETS

Long version -
A few months ago, the DNS for ETS expired and the board was MIA. WTF. OMG. ARG?


SO! Matt and Brandon put their heads together and decided to make some stuff happen. We decided to go with vBulletin and then modded the you-know-what out of it to recapture the traditional vibe of the old board while overhauling the UI and modernizing it. What we have is a new version of ETS and a bunch of new features.

First things first - We don't have old user info, so everyone will have to re-register. Your welcome email will probably go straight to your spam folder. [This is because of DNS issues, can't do much about it unless Greg changes stuff]. Its worth noting that were still going to try and get a backup of the old board at some point for archival purposes. But yes, old post counts are gone. Time to start anew.

Users interested in Mobile browsing should buy Tapatalk from the appropriate app store for your mobile device. Its $2.99 from iTunes and Android (I havent found out yet for Blackberry) and has a pretty solid UI. Search for ETS and you should be able to see us.

Blackberry - Android - iTunes

If you insist on donating, donations are done via Paid Subscriptions, which are accessible in the side menu under Settings after you've signed in. Paid membership gives you more space for private messages (250, vs the standard 50), as well as the ability to upload your own avatar and user profile photo to the server. There is also a "tenant" subscription which allows you to attach files to posts. The 5/10/20 subscriptions all have the same benefits, and the 25/yr 'tenant' is the same as those but with file attachments. Why did we limit it to $25? A lot of people wanted to donate a lot more than $25 and... we really didnt have a way to prorate the money to future payments for the board.

You can also connect to Facebook and have it import information to ETS. You can also disable Facebook with the I Fucking Hate Facebook box in profile settings. Each thread also has the infamous Facebook LIKE button so you can share that particular thread on your Wall. You can publish that you created a new thread to Facebook as well.

We are welcoming user-submitted homepage graphics again, and you can find that thread in the Artistic Expression subforum in Speak Your Mind. Weve had a few people add a bunch already but are always looking for more. Be creative and have fun with it!

Lastly, I wanted to touch on the administration. Joining Leviathant, orestes, and ItsJustDave are Malechite and myself. Levi and Malechite are still tinkering with a lot of settings with the board, so a lot of the kinks are still being worked out. Everyone is encouraged to post any thing that looks out of place in the R&S forum so it can be addressed. We also have a report button under each users post and profile for any inappropriate behavior taking place on the board. Dont abuse it, but dont ignore it either. If someone is taking the joy out of your experience on the board, let us know so we can resolve the issue.

And if anyone has any trouble, email leviathant@theninhotline.net.

If youre new, WELCOME! If youre returning, WELCOME BACK!

*ETS image courtesy of MAD