Monday December 5, 2011

Trent talks to Radio One, writing with NIN in mind next year!

Trent has just been interviewed by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio One in the UK. For most the interview they talked about the obvious subject of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack which has just recently been annouced.

But the juicy bits of the interview came at the end when Zane Lowe asked about How To Destroy Angels and NIN. Were already expecting the first full lengeth from HTDA next year but Trent slipped out that they have had offers for live shows and they are trying to figure out "what makes the most sense", which is exciting because it means they are at least considering playing live! Trent of course, has not played live since deciding to stop touring Nine Inch Nails indefinetly. And as for NIN, excitingly Trent said he will be specifically writing with NIN in mind throughout 2012. Looks like we've got some great stuff to look forward to.

For UK readers you'll be able to listen to his interview via BBC iplayer soon (I'll edit in the link once it's up), otherwise hoperfully someone will have recorded it (keep your eye on the newly refurbished ETS)

EDIT: You can listen to the interview via YouTube here.

EDIT 2: Sorry guys apparently that above YouTube link only works in the UK, you should be able to listen here, the interview starts about an hour and 14 minutes in, thanks to Nick Acosta for the link and everyone else who e-mailed/tweeted.