Sunday December 4, 2011

Update for those ordering Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack overseas

From Null / Rebel Waltz:

Problems with our international store launch forced us to re-direct people to purchase from Null where there was only an option to ship from the US. This has resulted in higher than intended shipping costs for some non-US sales. Overseas customers who purchased from Null with less favorable currency exchange will be rebated the difference in shipping costs in the form of a discount on their purchase. Specific timing and process of this rebate will be posted within 48 hours.

In an effort to reduce this pricing disparity Null will be adding an option to buy in sterling and ship from the UK starting now. This will permit us to serve all customers worldwide while providing more affordable shipping options. Upon entering the site you will be given an option in the upper right hand corner to select currency - either US dollars or British Sterling. See the below recommendation for the cheapest shipping suggestions to determine which is the best currency option for where you live:

All North and South America - purchase in dollars
Everywhere else in the world - purchase in sterling

UK - purchase in sterling
Everywhere else in the world - purchase in dollars

Also, if you have experienced any difficulty or confusion with your Sandbag orders we are stepping in to facilitate. For any concerns with your order, please send these requests / inquiries to us through "Topspin Support" and we will give it prompt personal service. In addition to Sandbag inquiries this is where ANYONE can send customer service requests.

Click here to submit your request: app.topspin.net

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience over the past few days and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.