Thursday, 5/29/08

NIN in your special area

Further to sites such as, and, wraith wrote in to tell us of a (primarily) UK-based forum for all things NIN.

He writes:

With the impending demise of the spiral a collection of it's members have set up a new (free) site with forums, a chat room and hopefully more to come at We hope to get as many nin fans as possible, both ex spirallers and otherwise, to make it a regular haunt. Although it's based in the UK it's an international site with members from the UK, Germany, America, Canada and Australia already signed up.

Retail Release Rumours

Danny Conrad wrote in to tell us that both Circuit City and Best Buy have a version of ghosts up for sale in the $130-150 region. Inflated version of the deluxe edition, or something new for the collectors?

Also, 29k (and some other people) sent in this link to a Japanese version of The Slip apparently up for sale on the HMV Japan site.
Tuesday, 5/27/08

Toledo Show Added to NIN Summer Tour has updated its tour dates with an August 25th show in Toledo, OH. The show will be held at the Seagate Convention Centre. Pre-sale tickets for the show are available on June 3rd through, while the public on-sale date is June 6th. I know I'll be there. Will you?
Friday, 5/23/08

Music Rising Charity Auction

Music Rising, a charity created by The Edge from U2 and Bob Ezrin (among others) is having their second "Icons of Music" charity auction. The auction aims to raise funds to revive the music culture in the hurricane devastated Central Gulf region of the USA.

Among the loads and loads of memorabilia up for auction (anyone fancy Elton John's toaster or Bon Scott's bomber jacket?) are two NIN items - a signed Minimoog Voyager synth and a very nice signed custom Gibson guitar.

The full list of items is available here and information on how to bid here

Thank you Christo!
Thursday, 5/22/08

Another FACTION / Travis Scott (Rules) Update

Andrew sent this in -

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to send you all an update on your Faction orders. Jason is adhering to the time line that he was given. In the last two weeks Jason has sent out roughly eighty orders. Some of you are part of these orders and have already received your merchandise or refunds.

A large shipment will be going out this week which will take care of most of the rest of you. The final orders will be filled and sent out the last week in May and the first few days of June. I know that most of you have been waiting for your orders for over 7 months. I assure you that Jason is working hard to take care of all of you in the next week or two. Jason is fully aware of the consequences if that does not happen and I do not suspect that he will fail in his agreement.

As a side note there are many more people waiting for orders than those who are receiving this email. I am aware of the outstanding orders and Jason is working on all of his orders not just the orders of those people that have received this email.


Travis Scott - Investigator
Utah Division of Consumer Protection
Phone: 801-530-6601
Fax: 801-530-6001
Tuesday, 5/20/08

iTunes has something new for NIN?

Sort of.

The iTunes music store added something new... a while ago (Honestly, I'm not sure when this happened). There's a new podcast that links to the highest ranked remixes from A link to it can be found here.

It's a neat way to check out what's happening on the remix site without having to deal with some of the problems and glitches the website has had since its opening.

Nice TR audio interview from Vienna, March 2007

Beta2k just posted a fantastic COMPLETE audio interview from a Vienna radio station from the 30th of March 2007, the day of the second Gasometer show, over at ETS.

Check it out

Thanks very much to Beta2k!
Monday, 5/19/08

NiggyTardust Physical Street Date

Cody wrote in to tell us that while working at Barnes & Noble, he discovered the street date for NiggyTardust to be June 24th. Awesomely enough, the same date is listed on Saul's website and it seems to imply that the $5 download is only available until the 24th. So, if you're cheap/poor/whatever, you'd better buy it soon.

Thanks to Cody and Ragnarok for the heads-up.

Rolling Stone yaps some more about NIN

talk of the free album

and the tour

and there's another weird-ass illustration

Thanks to Artemisian!

NIN Chart Results

Branden Lucero wrote in to tell us about NIN's Chart success. I assume these are US figures...

Discipline is #10 on the Modern Rock charts (been i should say), which would make this the 6th consecutive top-ten single. Here's a list i've kept up with for charting positions:

week 1: Modern #25
week 2: Modern #15, Mainstream #33
week 3: Modern #10, Mainstream #30

Thursday, 5/15/08

Corrected 24/96 and FLAC files for The Slip has just posted new links at The Slip for corrected 24/96 WAV and FLAC files. "Yay!" if you're an audiophile!

Also added were two gray boxes; one under the NIN logo and another under the RSS feed box. Further investigation reveals that they're aesthetically pleasing to the eye since they line up with the added text to the original "HALO 27" update.

Thanks to our compadres who wrote in to let us know.

Crystal Castles Creative Commons...Conundrum

Not strictly NIN-related, but a bunch of you have written in to tell us that forthcoming support act Crystal Castles have been accused of stealing music (by abusing creative commons licenses) for their own songs. Here are some sources.

Tuesday, 5/13/08

Some Lollapalooza Related Stuff

A couple of Lollapalooza related things today, for those lucky enough to be going or considering going. (JEALOUS)

First, Saul Williams has just been added to the already monstrous line up.

Secondly, Q101 in Chicago are having many opportunities to try and win tickets to the festival. You can either submit a video or just sign up for their email if you're lazy for the chance to win tickets. More info on the website!

Thanks Jeff S and others who wrote in.
Monday, 5/12/08 gets a facelift

Now sporting a funky The Slip-esque design.

Thanks to yeah1, sebastian and the guys over at ETS once again.

Oh, incase you didn't know
Sunday, 5/11/08

The Slip storms's weekly charts.

Much like when Ghosts I-IV came out, Nine Inch Nails have dominated this week's weekly charts - all top 10 slots!

Thanks to all the geeky ETS members for posting about it.

Saturday, 5/10/08

Meat all up on your grill

Here's another Meathead Perspective update. I hope this makes up for last Thanksgiving when I accidentally urinated all over the turkey. CAN'T A GUY START OVER

93x give away Nails and Rods

Patryk and culero wrote in to tell us about a contest on 93x in Minnesota that could win you some super prizes including A FREE FISING ROD (wtf)

NIN tickets go on sale Saturday morning at 10.
Listen, 93X radio tells ya when to text or call to win.

o NINE INCH NAILS tickets – Sat. Aug 2 – Target Center
o A free fishing rod from Thorne Brothers
o Qualify for a 93X Concert fly-away for two, to Hollywood, California
o Attend NINE INCH NAILS rehearsal
o A night time movie screening in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
o And the 1st NINE INCH NAILS concert of the North American tour
o Including airfare, hotel and passes, courtesy of Jam Productions

The grand prize winner gets back to see NIN August 2 - Target Center…
Thursday, 5/08/08

Another Faction Update A.K.A. Travis Scott Rules

_bREYDE_b sent this in to us - (Also, this serves as a reminder for those who haven't yet emailed Travis, please do so ASAP to get your name on the list!)

Faction Group,

My name is Travis Scott and I am an investigator with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. As you know I am the one that is in charge of the investigation of Faction.

First off I would like to thank everyone for all of the email messages, it has been a great help for me creating a nice list of those who still have orders that are unfulfilled as well as building my case and gathering evidence. I apologize in advance if any of you get this email more than once as I may have you on my email list more than once.

I spoke with Jason Lynes yesterday 5/7/08 and we have made an arrangement where Jason is getting me all of the information about his orders, inventory and such. At this point a large shipment will be going out this weekend and from there Jason will be reporting to me every week on his progress to fulfill all of the other orders. If he at any point fails in our agreement I have made him aware of the fines and charges he will be facing for violations of Utah State Consumer Sales Practices Act.

Everyone will be getting either a refund or their order filled.

I ask that as you begin to get refunds or receive your orders that you send me a quick email stating your name, address, and what you received. This is so that I can confirm that Jason is complying. Beyond that I will keep in contact with you of the progress being made.

Thank you for all of your cooperation.


Travis Scott - Investigator
Utah Division of Consumer Protection
Wednesday, 5/07/08

The Slip In The News, again.

Got a bunch more articles and reviews for you all

The Lefsetz Letter
IGN - nice review.
411mania - fan review.
LA Times
Chicage Tribune
The New Yorker
Also, if you've just received your Ghost I-IV deluxe limited edition a reminder that nin-au is compiling an owner's list, so feel free to send photos of your copy.

Thanks Tamara, alex, DiscoBunny, kerplooey, Dan K, Artemisian and anyone I forgot.
Tuesday, 5/06/08

Digital music distribution veteran praises Reznor's efforts

Ian Rogers' blog at FISTFULAYEN neatly summarizes just about all the major things Trent has been doing in the last year to drive the paradigm of music distribution to new levels. We typically don't post about blog posts like that, but that's a pat on the back from someone who knows what's up. So if you get a moment, Digg it and/or spread the word however you prefer.

42 Entertainment win Webby Awards

42 Entertainment were the People's Voice Winner in *both* the categories they were nominated for in this year's Webby Awards. They were of course nominated for the massive Year Zero ARG campaign.

They were successful in the Integrated Campaign and the Other Advertising: Branded Content categories.

Well done to 42 Entertainment and thanks to everyone who voted!!!

Thanks Adrian for the alert.
Monday, 5/05/08

New Album: The Slip

is available for FREE download in multiple (mp3, FLAC, M4A Apple lossless and 24/96 WAVE) formats at!

Go here for the download links.

File contains PDF with artwork and credits. The lyrics are also embedded in the file tags.

Also: DIGG IT!
Sunday, 5/04/08

Reminder:'s attempt to catalogue limited edition Ghosts sets

As many of us who shelled out our $300 earlier this year are now recieving despatch confirmation emails, and in some lucky cases, the product already, this seems like a choice time to mention's Halo 26 Limited Edition Owners' List again.

Just contact the site with:

1) A clear photo of your package's unique number.

2) A clear photo of your package's unique Giclée print.

3) The country you and your item are located in.

You can spread the word by digging it here
Saturday, 5/03/08

Pile of meat

Hot, fresh new meat, delivered right to your door! Even though you never ordered it! Sorry, no refunds!

Presale dates up at

If you weren't aware has updated with *nearly* all the presale information for the upcoming US tour.
So if you haven't signed up yet and want the chance to secure tickets early you should do so very soon!
Friday, 5/02/08

New song: Echoplex

Released through a Facebook application?!?!?!

Again the file tells us to go to on May 5.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

'Ghosts' Limited Edition packages have started arriving

The ultra mega super duper Limited Edition 'Ghosts' packages have started to arrive in the arms of lucky purchasers, and they look even better than expected (etched metal NIN faceplate? yowza!) and feature some other unexpected surprises too.

Check out pics and a nifty slideshow on ETS

Thanks to all who posted info

EDIT: Also, Ryan over at The Aus NIN forum is compiling an archive of Ghosts LE numbers and who received them (more info here) so please take a second to join up and let him know what unique number you got. Pics are also most welcome. Contact Ryan and he'll do the rest.

Virgin Festival Details

Virgin Festival line up details are complete, with NIN playing on Sunday August 10.

The Virgin site has all the info you need. Tickets go on general sale Saturday May 3! (Apparently there was an early sale through Ticketmaster)
They are $175 for 2 days or $97.50 for 1 day.

Thanks to those who submitted the info!

Thursday, 5/01/08

Still waiting on an order from Lynes?

There's finally been some resolve in the ongoing situation with factionnation's unshipped merchandise. Jason is reportedly now shipping orders and/or sending refunds due to legal pressure. Wendy writes in with the following:

Travis, the investigator from Utah, has been in contact with Jason this past week. He would ideally like Jason to refund or ship what he has in 1-2 weeks, but Jason is giving the line "by June 1st". Jason is also supposed to compile a list of outstanding orders. But guess who isn't answering the phone? His lengthy list must have put him in hiding!

keep it brief, no flooding his mailbox - that's what he is afraid of, but I said no worries, we wouldn't do that.


Keep it simple and brief and only send one email.
These emails will help him verify aleya list and MORE FINES FOR JASON!

So now is your chance to stand up and be counted if you've still got an outstanding order.

Year Zero ARG Up for a Webby Award: Last Day for Voting

As Levi previously reported, 42 Entertainment have been nominated for a prestigious Webby Award this year, for their work on the Year Zero ARG campaign. Its a "People's Choice" award, which means you can vote for the winner. You know what this means!

Go to The People's Choice Webby website to register - it seriously took me less than a minute. After entering your activation code, select the "Year Zero" campaign from the "Select a Nominee" drop-down menu on the top-right (for a web-savvy site, its sure damn hard to navigate!).

Just to note: 42 Entertainment is nominated for two categories, so make sure to vote for both the "Year Zero: Interactive Campaigns" and the "Year Zero: Branded Content" categories. I promise this isn't as hard as it looks. Also, today is the final day for voting, so please take a couple minutes and vote.

Ticketmaster's relationship with TicketsNow

We've been getting a steady flow of reports on the exorbitant prices being charged for Nine Inch Nails' tickets via ticketmaster's site. In their ongoing quest to save you money, ticketmaster has apparently partnered with ticket broker TicketsNow. So even though most upcoming NIN shows have not gone on sale yet, you can secure your tickets through a Ticketmaster approved ticket broker now for just 3 times the normal price. It's a shame that there isn't some other way to go about getting tickets. Exclusive pre-sales through the official website would be great.

EDIT: A little research has revealed that TicketsNow is owned by Ticketmaster.