Thursday May 8, 2008

Another Faction Update A.K.A. Travis Scott Rules

_bREYDE_b sent this in to us - (Also, this serves as a reminder for those who haven't yet emailed Travis, please do so ASAP to get your name on the list!)

Faction Group,

My name is Travis Scott and I am an investigator with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. As you know I am the one that is in charge of the investigation of Faction.

First off I would like to thank everyone for all of the email messages, it has been a great help for me creating a nice list of those who still have orders that are unfulfilled as well as building my case and gathering evidence. I apologize in advance if any of you get this email more than once as I may have you on my email list more than once.

I spoke with Jason Lynes yesterday 5/7/08 and we have made an arrangement where Jason is getting me all of the information about his orders, inventory and such. At this point a large shipment will be going out this weekend and from there Jason will be reporting to me every week on his progress to fulfill all of the other orders. If he at any point fails in our agreement I have made him aware of the fines and charges he will be facing for violations of Utah State Consumer Sales Practices Act.

Everyone will be getting either a refund or their order filled.

I ask that as you begin to get refunds or receive your orders that you send me a quick email stating your name, address, and what you received. This is so that I can confirm that Jason is complying. Beyond that I will keep in contact with you of the progress being made.

Thank you for all of your cooperation.


Travis Scott - Investigator
Utah Division of Consumer Protection