Thursday May 22, 2008

Another FACTION / Travis Scott (Rules) Update

Andrew sent this in -

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to send you all an update on your Faction orders. Jason is adhering to the time line that he was given. In the last two weeks Jason has sent out roughly eighty orders. Some of you are part of these orders and have already received your merchandise or refunds.

A large shipment will be going out this week which will take care of most of the rest of you. The final orders will be filled and sent out the last week in May and the first few days of June. I know that most of you have been waiting for your orders for over 7 months. I assure you that Jason is working hard to take care of all of you in the next week or two. Jason is fully aware of the consequences if that does not happen and I do not suspect that he will fail in his agreement.

As a side note there are many more people waiting for orders than those who are receiving this email. I am aware of the outstanding orders and Jason is working on all of his orders not just the orders of those people that have received this email.


Travis Scott - Investigator
Utah Division of Consumer Protection
Phone: 801-530-6601
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