Monday, 5/24/04

You may or may not have noticed that the image in the upper-right corner of the current section of is in fact a webcam. If you missed the hot live studio action last night, fret not because people have in fact been saving the pictures. (on that note, Spahn, I'll get back to you this week)
Friday, 5/21/04

"Seed of Chucky" Soundtrack Rumor - False

On a visit to the newly redesigned Blabbermouth, I caught a bit about a Nine Inch Nails song, "Bleed Through," being featured on the soundtrack for the latest in a series of bad movies, "Seed of Chucky." This, apparently from, which prefaces the news with a very wise statement, "this is not confirmed and could end up to be false information."
The supposed soundtrack listing reads like the kind of fanboy allstar lineup you tend to find on with rumored tracklistings "leaked" to the internet.
Anyhow, we've learned that Nine Inch Nails is not on that soundtrack, if it even has yet to be compiled.
Wednesday, 5/19/04

The filthy side of this business

Wondering why the new Nine Inch Nails record's been taking so long? Well, this might have a little bit to do with it:
Nine Inch Nail Star Files Action Against John Malm for "Fraud and Deceit" to the Tune of Millions
This could get uglier than a Nine Inch Nail video.
Trent Reznor has sued his ex-manager (and longtime friend) John Malm, along with business manager/accountant Richard Szekelyi, charging their Ohio-based J. Artist Management (JAM) company with "fraud and breaches of fiduciary duties," and swindling millions of dollars.

Obviously there have been hints toward a rift between Trent and his manager, but this story gives a lot more insight into what's been going on during the last several years.
Read the full story here, if you dare. Note: lame (but free) registration required.
Tuesday, 5/18/04

Archival Nine Inch Nails

If you haven't visited The NIN Historian site in a while, you might not be aware that there is a new "Photographs" section of the site. Featured here are a collection of behind-the-scenes pictures from several older tours. If you're the type who cranes your neck over the fence around the soundboard (or the type who follows the tour bus to Dennys after the show) you may get a kick out of these photographs.
If you're still feeling nostalgic, I've got a link for you! A few years ago, Evan Moore and I stumbled across the unimplemented archives, in a rather odd database format. I managed to grab most everything that I could before directory listings were once again denied. Being that there's a two or three year lag on me doing things, it's only been in the past few months that I've taken any real action on this stuff.
With the help of Greg, who runs Echoing the Sound, we now have a complete archive of, from it's first day to it's last update. I think we're only missing scans of the full-color Closure press release (and the Dead to the World press release), and some of the linked content just doesn't exist anymore. We've organized the archive so that it's pretty easy to navigate, so if you have some time to kill and nothing better to do than sift through archives, follow this link to that old news. Huge thanks to Greg for his help with this project! Maybe in another three years, I'll act on the 1998-era message board archives we also turned up.

Release Date (...but don't get your hopes up) + more

chillman350 sent us news that MTV has a release date listed for Bleed Through. At the time of this posting, this site shows a release date of 06.30.04 -- a Wednesday, an unusual day considering most American music releases come out on Tuesdays.
A good number of you also wrote in to let us know that Trent turned a year older yesterday. Happy Belated Birfday! has updated again lastnight with new access questions & answers. In addition, there are some new fields in the sign-up sheet for the NIN mailing list: You can now sign up with a username and password, and you can give them your mobile phone number -- just in case Nine Inch Nails ever needs to call you, or send you SMS text. If you don't want those phone calls though, you can opt out of the chance of getting pranked by Leo Herrera, and just receive the occasional text message.
Finally, on the wait-and-see front, Evan Moore mentioned that he might be working with Jared Boyer on Seems Like Salvation NIN News again!
Wednesday, 5/12/04

Longtime NIN Fans, Pitchfork Media mention update

In their daily news update section, the Pitchfork Newswire, it appears two guys who have mistaken Trent Reznor for Glen Danzig were told to make news about the updates. Given Pitchfork's penchant for pulverizing NIN releases (except in their review of Closure, for which one might guess critic James P. Wisom was let go from the site), that they make cracks on the upcoming album is no surprise. (Pitchfork? Predictable? Pff!) But their parody is so far off the mark that you'd think whoever overheard DiCrescenzo and Schreiber picked up on a completely different conversation.
My trouble is that I don't really have a lot of room to bust on them - not many things sit lower on the evolutionary scale than e-zine music critics... but those who run online fan pages could arguably be among those not many lower things ;)
Monday, 5/10/04

MTV Updates With Something We've Heard Already

Something we've even read already. JM wrote in to mention that news brought up the updates. What struck me most about this is the similarity between this article and this posting. Particularly, up until the MTV article, Blabbermouth was the only place that I'd seen the Q&A referred to as having been from a mailing list. A simple mistake on the part of Blabbermouth... but curious to see it show up on MTV as well.
Apparently's Jon Wiederhorn did a copy and paste job from Blabbermouth, and didn't bother to cite his source... it's questionable whether or not Jon even visited :) Come on Mr. Wiederhorn, you were saved the trouble of having to type out the questions and answers yourself, the least you could do is give credit where it's due!
Saturday, 5/08/04

Tapeworm (1996-2004)

Not to say 'I told you so,' but it would appear that the fabled Tapeworm project is dead after all, according to the latest post by the Rezman at Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Cumulative Chris Vrenna/Tweaker Update

I interviewed Chris too, but it's taking a long time to transcribe. Here's a little update on Tweaker happenings:
  • conducts a nice long interview with Chris
  • Teargas & Plateglass, darkambient labelmates to Tweaker, have done their first ever interview
  • An official release about the Skinny Puppy & Tweaker tour has been posted at the Tweaker boards.
  • Call and request Tweaker's "Ruby" at at a radio station near you. Repeatedly, with different voices.
  • Chaos Control also partook in an interview with Chris Vrenna recently.
    Last but most certainly not least, the good folks at have a nice in depth interview with Chris as well.
    It's going to be a busy year.
  • Guess What

    This is probably going to get redundant real quick, but yes, updated again with more q & a, some news in the current section, and they've archived the last batch of questions & answers.
    If you haven't explored on your own yet, you might now know that there is a nice video of the band rehearsing Just Like You Imagined (circa 2000) in the visuals section. The resources page has also expanded.
    Thursday, 5/06/04

    Digital Noise

    ...not to be outdone, has re-opened its message board doors. Some new features, to borrow heavily from Azroth's initial post there:
    - User Run Photo Gallery
    - Uploading of your own avatars
    - attach files to posts ...for now!
    - a much better private message system
    - better topic tracking
    So if you've missed digital noise like we have, there's never been a better time than now to go repopulate the place. (Yeah, the old forums are completely gone, you'll have to re-register. Stop whining!)


    Refresh your browsers, Trent has already answered some of your questions.

    Song Names

    Over at Echoing the Sound, there's a thread going about what the song names are that are blacked out of the current page on You know, for fun, because people have been waiting for years to do this kind of stuff again. So far, they have The Line Begins to Blur... got any ideas? Updated

    Well what are you doing reading this!? Go here! There's lots of goodies and more is to follow. The content covers the past and the future of NIN material. Great stuff.
    Thanks to all who mailed us.
    Tuesday, 5/04/04


    Thanks to the various folks who sent in these bits.
    - The official NIN site now has a user privacy policy listed through interscope.
    - NIN music is used throughout the new movie 'Man on Fire'.
    - There is a new pic of Trent Reznor with David Bowie at Bowie's site. Look under May 1st Saturday news.
    - Sevendust's new live acoustic CD/DVD, released May 4, 2004, contains a cover of "Hurt". There is a statement that the track is dedicated to the late Johnny Cash.
    Friday, 4/30/04

    SickAmongThePure - May Issue

    The May edition of SickAmongThePure is now live! This issue features an article on Marilyn Manson, inspired by his autobiography, a review of the movie Party Monster, a first-hand account of the currently touring A Perfect Circle concert, and much, much more!