Tuesday May 18, 2004

Release Date (...but don't get your hopes up) + more

chillman350 sent us news that MTV has a release date listed for Bleed Through. At the time of this posting, this site shows a release date of 06.30.04 -- a Wednesday, an unusual day considering most American music releases come out on Tuesdays.

A good number of you also wrote in to let us know that Trent turned a year older yesterday. Happy Belated Birfday!

nin.com has updated again lastnight with new access questions & answers. In addition, there are some new fields in the sign-up sheet for the NIN mailing list: You can now sign up with a username and password, and you can give them your mobile phone number -- just in case Nine Inch Nails ever needs to call you, or send you SMS text. If you don't want those phone calls though, you can opt out of the chance of getting pranked by Leo Herrera, and just receive the occasional text message.

Finally, on the wait-and-see front, Evan Moore mentioned that he might be working with Jared Boyer on Seems Like Salvation NIN News again!