Tuesday May 18, 2004

Archival Nine Inch Nails

If you haven't visited The NIN Historian site in a while, you might not be aware that there is a new "Photographs" section of the site. Featured here are a collection of behind-the-scenes pictures from several older tours. If you're the type who cranes your neck over the fence around the soundboard (or the type who follows the tour bus to Dennys after the show) you may get a kick out of these photographs.

If you're still feeling nostalgic, I've got a link for you! A few years ago, Evan Moore and I stumbled across the unimplemented news.nin.net archives, in a rather odd database format. I managed to grab most everything that I could before directory listings were once again denied. Being that there's a two or three year lag on me doing things, it's only been in the past few months that I've taken any real action on this stuff.

With the help of Greg, who runs Echoing the Sound, we now have a complete archive of news.nin.net, from it's first day to it's last update. I think we're only missing scans of the full-color Closure press release (and the Dead to the World press release), and some of the linked content just doesn't exist anymore. We've organized the archive so that it's pretty easy to navigate, so if you have some time to kill and nothing better to do than sift through news.nin.net archives, follow this link to that old news. Huge thanks to Greg for his help with this project! Maybe in another three years, I'll act on the 1998-era nothingrecords.com message board archives we also turned up.