Wednesday May 12, 2004

Longtime NIN Fans, Pitchfork Media mention update

In their daily news update section, the Pitchfork Newswire, it appears two guys who have mistaken Trent Reznor for Glen Danzig were told to make news about the nin.com updates. Given Pitchfork's penchant for pulverizing NIN releases (except in their review of Closure, for which one might guess critic James P. Wisom was let go from the site), that they make cracks on the upcoming album is no surprise. (Pitchfork? Predictable? Pff!) But their parody is so far off the mark that you'd think whoever overheard DiCrescenzo and Schreiber picked up on a completely different conversation.

My trouble is that I don't really have a lot of room to bust on them - not many things sit lower on the evolutionary scale than e-zine music critics... but those who run online fan pages could arguably be among those not many lower things ;)