Monday May 10, 2004

MTV Updates With Something We've Heard Already

Something we've even read already. JM wrote in to mention that MTV.com news brought up the nin.com updates. What struck me most about this is the similarity between this article and this blabbermouth.net posting. Particularly, up until the MTV article, Blabbermouth was the only place that I'd seen the Q&A referred to as having been from a mailing list. A simple mistake on the part of Blabbermouth... but curious to see it show up on MTV as well.

Apparently MTV.com's Jon Wiederhorn did a copy and paste job from Blabbermouth, and didn't bother to cite his source... it's questionable whether or not Jon even visited nin.com :) Come on Mr. Wiederhorn, you were saved the trouble of having to type out the questions and answers yourself, the least you could do is give credit where it's due!