Wednesday May 19, 2004

The filthy side of this business

Wondering why the new Nine Inch Nails record's been taking so long? Well, this might have a little bit to do with it:

Nine Inch Nail Star Files Action Against John Malm for "Fraud and Deceit" to the Tune of Millions

This could get uglier than a Nine Inch Nail video.

Trent Reznor has sued his ex-manager (and longtime friend) John Malm, along with business manager/accountant Richard Szekelyi, charging their Ohio-based J. Artist Management (JAM) company with "fraud and breaches of fiduciary duties," and swindling millions of dollars.

Obviously there have been hints toward a rift between Trent and his manager, but this story gives a lot more insight into what's been going on during the last several years.

Read the full story here, if you dare. Note: lame (but free) registration required.