Wednesday, 2/25/04

Handy tool if you visit nin:access

Even though some of you can't find the entrance to, you can still very easily get to the old message board by going to If you've been there recently though, you know that reading things there is a real pain in the ass. Well, PeacError has put together a Windows program called ninVision that will put the old backgrounds back in the site. You can also download the Visual Basic 6 source code for the program, in case you're weary of downloading unusual programs. Great work, Jason (and apologies for the delay in posting!)
Tuesday, 2/24/04

Twelve good punches in the face: NIN in Rolling Stone

Trent Reznor recently spoke with Rolling Stone, who today published bits of that talk.
  • NIN plan to hit the road in the next few months to preview the new material.
  • "It's more song-oriented [than 1999's The Fragile]," says Reznor. "It's much more lean. It's going to be twelve good punches in the face -- no fillers, no instrumentals, just straight to the point."
    This album is also due to be finished by summer (notice I didn't say which summer) for release later this year. Thanks to Schwilling and Tony for the heads up.
  • Error update: Cheaper on iTunes

    You can buy the new Error release in full from iTunes for $4.95. Thanks for the info, Joshua!
    Monday, 2/23/04

    Error EP "Error" US Debut Tomorrow

    The side project of the brothers Ross and Brett Gurewitz will see it's debut release,Error, in stores tomorrow. I would write up an in-depth review of the album, but since their label has put the entire EP online, you should have a listen for yourself. It's still early in the year, but this self described electro-punk-hardcore EP is definitely one of the year's best releases. If that doesn't convince you to check it out, know that Rolling Stone poo-pooed the EP should alone be evidence that it's good stuff.
    If you're a fan of Nine Inch Nails, you're probably a sucker for clever packaging, and should get a kick out of the fantastic work of Nick Pritchard of Metro/Sea - the CD artwork was particularly cool (and I'll have pictures online when I get home).
    Friday, 2/20/04

    But how far can you throw a DJ?

    This is grand. This is why it's good to cite your sources when you can, instead of making blanket statements.
    Chris just wrote in to let us know "Just now on K-Rock in NY, the DJ Cane said that NIN is NOT confirmed to play Lollapalooza. He said yesterday he was just reading a rumor from a website, and this morning, the website is taking his reading of their rumor on air as confirmation. So, he just very clearly stated that there is nothing confirmed for them to be at the concert."
    Cane! We like what you're doing up there at K-Rock, and appreciate the clarification, but please, if the original DJ who'd made the announcement on K-Rock (and The End, this goes for you too) would have mentioned that this information came from The NIN Hotline, or even "a prominent Nine Inch Nails site" if you don't want to name names, we wouldn't be chasing this circular rumor.
    Meanwhile, a source very close to the Farrell/Lollapalooza camp said yesterday that it ain't happenin'. I had posted this briefly yesterday, but then we received news of several radio stations contradicting this information, so I thought perhaps I was wrong.
    Sorry for the back and forth. I'm not posting anything about Lollapalooza until I see some hard evidence.
    Thursday, 2/19/04

    Local to Central Penn Like Us?

    While we're still passing the time until the next NIN album, maybe you'd like to see APC in concert in Hershey. Check out this radio station: 105.7 the X if you're in the broadcast area to win tickets and learn about the internet presale.

    NIN @ Lollapalooza... cont'd (?)

    Around 4:30pm EST, K-Rock in New York says NIN WILL PLAY Lollapalooza on the air... according to DiLo. kinkadius adds that 107.7 the End in Seattle has also just made this announcement.
    Wednesday, 2/18/04

    Interview with Error's Leo Ross

    Epitaph's website has posted a new (and very long) interview with Leopold Ross, cheif contributor to the band Error, whom we've brought up a few times before. Their self-titled debut EP comes out next week. Amazon's listing the album for $9.98. You can preview the entire EP online at the Error microsite. I very highly reccomend you check this out!
    Tuesday, 2/17/04

    Let's have another rumor, shall we?

    Before reading this, I want to stress to you that every rumor about a show in the last three years or so has turned out to be completely and utterly false. That being said, I'm going to post this until I can find out more information about it. Honestly, the probability that it's a bunch of crap is pretty high - most bands don't play Lollapalooza more than once, NIN has already played, back in 1991. So when you tell your friends, tell them that it's probably a load of crap, but that this site will post whether it's legit or not as soon as we know.
    John Smith sent news that Jason at Product Shop NYC is reporting as follows:
    "It looks like Lollapalooza 2004 is a definite go and a headliner has been confirmed. Trent Reznor, who bowed out of Coachella to finish his new Nine Inch Nails album, is confident the new record will be done and possibly out by July. With that said, he has agreed to the headlining spot on this years Lollapalooza Tour. The Pixies are still be courted as a double headliner for the traveling festival."
    Don't get your hopes up, you know better than that.
    Just to balance it out, I searched which has a report from Xfm Radio, albeit from nearly a month ag ago, that seems a little more down to earth:
    Now according to reports the William Morris Agency are finalising the line up and organisational plans. No bands have been named for the tour yet, which last year boasted sets from Jane's Addiction, Queens Of The Stone Age, Incubus, Audioslave, The Donnas and A Perfect Circle.

    Pictures, pictures, pictures

    Ninjaw always comes through for the fans, and has posted higher quality pictures of the shots of Trent backstage with Bowie and at the Grammys. In addition, he's taken screenshots of the Pigface DVD featuring Trent singing Suck with Ogre & the rest of the 91 incarnation of Pigface.
    For all this and more, just click here. Repeatedly.

    Trent Reznor's first ever Jay Leno Appearance

    And you already missed it. Riley's apparently got a pretty good eye, and wrote in with this:
    During an episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, they sent some correspondant to the Grammys. During one of the interviews in the background you can see Trent walk by. I'm 99% sure its him. He's on camera for quite a long time, looking around. I'm not sure what episode, or who they were talking to at the time though... sorry.
    Many people wrote in to point out that has photos online of Trent at a Grammy after party in addition to the backstage-with-Bowie photos. Just do a search for "Trent Reznor" to see for yourself.
    Tuesday, 2/10/04

    White, black, or blue?

    Alright. This might be a little buggy, but we'll work that out later. When I first changed this site to a white layout, I heard many a complaint. NIN fans like their black web pages. Well, I had CSS in mind when I redid the site, but CSS implementation was pretty sucky a few years ago.
    It's 2004. If you're still getting crappily displayed pages, popups, and other errors, you should get a real browser. And I should stop making table borders with more table code, and I should do something with skins like I've been meaning to.
    So if you go to the bottom of this page, you'll see a simple drop-down box: Pick a style, and hopefully, if I didn't screw this up, your browser should remember if you like it blue (as most people probably will), black (which surely will come in second), or white like it's been for three years.
    Also, a big fat thanks to Aurora E-Solutions, which is currently home of The NIN Hotline. Keep them in mind if you need hosting in any future endeavours, they have been kind to this NIN fan.
    The navigation bar will be coming back later in the week. The archive pages and submit news pages should now match your selected style. I'll come up with some more fruity color schemes for those who want more choices, but keep in mind that I'm skimping on graphics for a good reason. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the changes so far.
    Friday, 2/06/04

    Telefon Tel Aviv: Map of What Is Effortless

    We've done features on Telefon Tel Aviv from time to time in the past, and having bought the new album, I thought I'd share a review with you, if you're interested. Just click here... who knows, maybe will give you something more than a review. ;) selling TDS CDs & Downloads... censored.

    Are you the kind of Nine Inch Nails fan who grimaces when you hear the chorus of Closer? Don't you wish they wouldn't drop the F-bomb all the time? Doesn't that cussing make you feel dirty, like you felt when you saw Janet Jackson's... you know... on TV?
    We've got news for you!'s online music store is offering edited versions of the '94 release The Downward Spiral , with all those nasty words edited out. See for yourself!
    Honestly, they may only be censoring the preview tracks, but Wal-Mart does have that policy of only distributing music that doesn't have a Parental Advisory sticker, so no cursing allowed. Thanks to Robby for sending this in.
    Thursday, 2/05/04

    David Bowie re-release to feature old NIN remix

    Billboard posted an article about the reissue of David Bowie's Outside, Earthling, and Hours albums, which will contain extra tracks as incentive to buy them again. In particular, the Earthling re-issue will have the Nine Inch Nails remix of I'm Afraid of Americans tagged on there - presumably remix No. 1 from the single.
    Thanks to Fleabass666 for spotting this and sending it in.

    NIN Mention on MTV news

    According to this MTV article, "Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor is in Los Angeles writing songs for his next record, the follow-up to his 1999 double album, The Fragile. Veteran producer Rick Rubin will likely work with Reznor on the record. No release date has been scheduled." Good to see they are keeping on top of things over there.
    Thanks to my old buddy misled75 for sending this in. The story was also mentioned on Blabbermouth, where kipling noticed and sourced it.

    Listen to the Error EP online

    Epitaph Records has released an Error microsite, where you can stream the entire EP. Error is Atticus Ross (NIN, 12 Rounds), Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, Epitaph), Leopold Ross & Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan). The microsite takes a few moments to load on broadband, and if you're on dial-up, be very, very patient. I recommend listening to the entire EP, it's great, but Jack the Ripper is definitely my favorite selection so far.
    The 5-song Error EP is a real kick in the teeth, and is due out February 24th. There was a rumor bouncing around about a full length coming out this year as well, but considering the lack of information about that on the official site, that's probably just rumor at this point.
    Thanks to Matt and metro/sea for the link!
    P.S. - Epitaph have posted Error wallpaper online, in various resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1152x768 (tiBook resolution).
    Tuesday, 2/03/04

    Easing your troubled minds

    Look at what Eeyore sent us! (It is worth noting that Eeyore has been one of the top 10 most frequent keyword matches search engines use to get to The NIN Hotline, thanks in no small part to

    Enjoy! But please, if you are going to use any of these as your avatar, in your livejournal, or in your message board signature, host it somewhere else. A big draw on our bandwidth comes from people remotely linking images in high-traffic areas of the net. Every little bit counts, so please host them yourself if you are going to link to them. Thanks.
    Monday, 2/02/04

    While you're waiting...

    The ownership of has recently changed hands... at the moment, I'm running it, after tperfect spent years building the site to what it is now. I'm considering playing around with the layout and making it more browser friendly, and whatnot, but the first thing I went ahead and did was something I'd been meaning to do for a while, but never had the bandwidth to handle...
    You may or may not recall, a site by Brent Smith, introduced on New Years, 2001. Over two years later, the site closed down, much to my dismay. I asked Brent if I could have a copy of the site, as I really liked how it was put together, and hoped to put it back online sometime. He very kindly sent me the whole damn thing on a CD-R. I've put most of it, except for the bandwidth-intensive media downloads, back online, thanks in no small part to tperfect's generous donation of the space and name
    I'm glad to have the site back online, and I hope you enjoy looking through the page while we straighten some stuff out here.

    Bandwidth: It had to happen sometime...

    Hey there, I have to post some administrative crap. In December, we did over 50gb of bandwidth. It dropped back down to the more usual 36gb marker in December. Now, we've been lucky enough to be hosted with a very gracious company who didn't charge for bandwidth excesses -- until now. There have been some changes in how bandwidth, now that deal is possibly gone, so I have to do some feature trimming. It's been more than a few years since I last redesigned the site anyway, so it's about time for a change anyway.
    In the course of the next few days, I may pare back the front page significantly -- this removing the navigation is a working fix, as I try to figure things out while keeping traffic low. Everything's still there, it's just not front-door accessible at the moment. NIN news is dead right now. (stay tuned for some nice Telefon Tel Aviv and Tweaker features coming very soon, in the mean time) ...
    We'll still be bringing the news as it comes, but some of the other things may to have to go, until I can find another way to help pay for the site. Perhaps it's time to make a new batch of tshirts or something?
    So if you notice any drastic changes in the next few days - don't panic. That outage this morning - unrelated, there was bad timing.
    A note for anyone who is seeking to leech the site as it stands before I take down any features -- PLEASE email me if you're really that interested, and I'll put it on CD-R for you. It'll save you time, and me money.
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Sunday, 2/01/04 - February 2004

    February's issue of SickAmongThePure is out, featuring a search into the fate of the modern love song, an analysis of APC's The Thirteenth Step, and much more!


    The elusive Trent Reznor was spotted and photographed backstage at the Los Angeles stop of the Reality Tour. You can find a couple of pictures at - although for full-size versions, you have to be a paying member. Thanks to matildauk and Michael R. for the heads up!

    Pro audio writer/NIN journalist Steph Jorgl just launched a slick-as-hell new pro audio magazine called which features new stories, NAMM coverage (including a Charlie Clouser sighting), some updated versions of her interviews with Trent Reznor, Alan Moulder and Keith Hillebrandt, as well as self-hosted product reviews and overviews, and a new tech tips column written by Richard Devine.
    Apparently Jorgl recently re-interviewed Chris Vrenna so that one should be coming soon, and we are aware that she's got a juicy in-the-studio piece with TR surrounding the coming NIN record sitting in her back pocket, so you might want to bookmark this site.
    As a fan and frequent visitor of pages like Harmony Central, Sonic State, and the like, I'm very really excited to see what will come of AudioHead. It combines the info and experience of it's editors with background from some of my favorite and most respected musicans, producers and the like. If you've got time to kill, check it out, there's plenty to read, and if you're into making music, or even just curious, it's all good reading.