Friday February 6, 2004

Wal-Mart.com selling TDS CDs & Downloads... censored.

Are you the kind of Nine Inch Nails fan who grimaces when you hear the chorus of Closer? Don't you wish they wouldn't drop the F-bomb all the time? Doesn't that cussing make you feel dirty, like you felt when you saw Janet Jackson's... you know... on TV?

We've got news for you! Wal-Mart.com's online music store is offering edited versions of the '94 release The Downward Spiral , with all those nasty words edited out. See for yourself!

Honestly, they may only be censoring the preview tracks, but Wal-Mart does have that policy of only distributing music that doesn't have a Parental Advisory sticker, so no cursing allowed. Thanks to Robby for sending this in.