Sunday February 1, 2004

Bandwidth: It had to happen sometime...

Hey there, I have to post some administrative crap. In December, we did over 50gb of bandwidth. It dropped back down to the more usual 36gb marker in December. Now, we've been lucky enough to be hosted with a very gracious company who didn't charge for bandwidth excesses -- until now. There have been some changes in how bandwidth, now that deal is possibly gone, so I have to do some feature trimming. It's been more than a few years since I last redesigned the site anyway, so it's about time for a change anyway.

In the course of the next few days, I may pare back the front page significantly -- this removing the navigation is a working fix, as I try to figure things out while keeping traffic low. Everything's still there, it's just not front-door accessible at the moment. NIN news is dead right now. (stay tuned for some nice Telefon Tel Aviv and Tweaker features coming very soon, in the mean time) ...

We'll still be bringing the news as it comes, but some of the other things may to have to go, until I can find another way to help pay for the site. Perhaps it's time to make a new batch of tshirts or something?

So if you notice any drastic changes in the next few days - don't panic. That outage this morning - unrelated, there was bad timing.

A note for anyone who is seeking to leech the site as it stands before I take down any features -- PLEASE email me if you're really that interested, and I'll put it on CD-R for you. It'll save you time, and me money.

Thanks for your understanding.