Friday February 20, 2004

But how far can you throw a DJ?

This is grand. This is why it's good to cite your sources when you can, instead of making blanket statements.

Chris just wrote in to let us know "Just now on K-Rock in NY, the DJ Cane said that NIN is NOT confirmed to play Lollapalooza. He said yesterday he was just reading a rumor from a website, and this morning, the website is taking his reading of their rumor on air as confirmation. So, he just very clearly stated that there is nothing confirmed for them to be at the concert."

Cane! We like what you're doing up there at K-Rock, and appreciate the clarification, but please, if the original DJ who'd made the announcement on K-Rock (and The End, this goes for you too) would have mentioned that this information came from The NIN Hotline, or even "a prominent Nine Inch Nails site" if you don't want to name names, we wouldn't be chasing this circular rumor.

Meanwhile, a source very close to the Farrell/Lollapalooza camp said yesterday that it ain't happenin'. I had posted this briefly yesterday, but then we received news of several radio stations contradicting this information, so I thought perhaps I was wrong.

Sorry for the back and forth. I'm not posting anything about Lollapalooza until I see some hard evidence.