Tuesday February 10, 2004

White, black, or blue?

Alright. This might be a little buggy, but we'll work that out later. When I first changed this site to a white layout, I heard many a complaint. NIN fans like their black web pages. Well, I had CSS in mind when I redid the site, but CSS implementation was pretty sucky a few years ago.

It's 2004. If you're still getting crappily displayed pages, popups, and other errors, you should get a real browser. And I should stop making table borders with more table code, and I should do something with skins like I've been meaning to.

So if you go to the bottom of this page, you'll see a simple drop-down box: Pick a style, and hopefully, if I didn't screw this up, your browser should remember if you like it blue (as most people probably will), black (which surely will come in second), or white like it's been for three years.

Also, a big fat thanks to Aurora E-Solutions, which is currently home of The NIN Hotline. Keep them in mind if you need hosting in any future endeavours, they have been kind to this NIN fan.

The navigation bar will be coming back later in the week. The archive pages and submit news pages should now match your selected style. I'll come up with some more fruity color schemes for those who want more choices, but keep in mind that I'm skimping on graphics for a good reason. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the changes so far.