Saturday January 31, 2004


Pro audio writer/NIN journalist Steph Jorgl just launched a slick-as-hell new pro audio magazine called Audiohead.net which features new stories, NAMM coverage (including a Charlie Clouser sighting), some updated versions of her interviews with Trent Reznor, Alan Moulder and Keith Hillebrandt, as well as self-hosted product reviews and overviews, and a new tech tips column written by Richard Devine.

Apparently Jorgl recently re-interviewed Chris Vrenna so that one should be coming soon, and we are aware that she's got a juicy in-the-studio piece with TR surrounding the coming NIN record sitting in her back pocket, so you might want to bookmark this site.

As a fan and frequent visitor of pages like Harmony Central, Sonic State, and the like, I'm very really excited to see what will come of AudioHead. It combines the info and experience of it's editors with background from some of my favorite and most respected musicans, producers and the like. If you've got time to kill, check it out, there's plenty to read, and if you're into making music, or even just curious, it's all good reading.