Saturday, 8/30/03

Nothing Radio on iTunes?

While is back online, as we mentioned before, NothingRadio is currently off the air. However, Jarrett Wold was fiddling around on iTunes and came across all the NothingRadio streams there. You can view a screenshot here.
Thursday, 8/28/03

It wasn't aired, but...

After sitting through a night of 50 cent puppets and selloutica music, the Best Cinematography in a Video award went to Johnny Cash at tonight's Mtv VMAs for Hurt. The video was created by Mark Romanek and the song written by Trent Reznor.
Thursday, 8/28/03

NIN Appears In Yet Another Countdown Special

21 different bands will have the distinguished honor of being featured with Nine Inch Nails on an upcoming MTV2 special. Look:
MTV2 presents "22 Greatest Bands", a two-hour show featuring bands whose bodies of work have made a powerful impact on the world of music over the past two decades. From Van Halen and Oasis to Metallica and No Doubt, we'll explore the industry's most celebrated and sometimes controversial bands, whether they've got unique style, unparalleled longevity or undeniable chemistry. And unlike other countdown shows that are determined by an MTV editorial department, this list has been chosen through online voting, thus putting the list and its' order into the hands of the fans. 09/01/03 - 12:00 pm ET 09/03/03 - 10:00 am ET 09/04/03 - 11:00 am ET The List: Aerosmith, Alice In Chains, The Cure, Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Metallica, NINE INCH NAILS, Nirvana, No Doubt, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Phish, R.E.M., Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Van Halen
Thanks Gavin!

About VMAs...

Johnny Cash will not be attending the Mtv VMAs, but will instead have a short stay in the hospital for a stomach ailment according to Fox news. Thanks to W. Mercer. Cash's moving rendition of NIN's "Hurt" has been nominated for 6 VMAs. The show will air tonight at 8pm eastern time.

Carrie & Chris Vrenna show their Style

Czaria wrote in, having spotted Chris & Carrie Vrenna on the boob tube yesterday:
Chris Vrenna, his wife Carrie and their home were featured on Style Network's home makeover show, Area last night. Carrie worked with a couple of friends, the show's host and a designer to redecorate their patio area. She only mentioned NIN in passing when trying to explain what Chris does for a living to the show's host. The redesign turned out nicely, including a cool gargoyle water feature, and Chris was happy. They showed a few pictures from their wedding, also.
The show will likely rebroadcast once or twice over the weekend, but I'm not sure what time.

Those two show up in the oddest places sometimes. Thanks again to Czaria for sending that in.
Wednesday, 8/27/03

News notes

A nice article on Johnny Cash and "Hurt" can be found here. Thanks Jaime.
Also, you can listen to tracks from the upcoming movie "Underworld" at Lakeshore Records. Thanks to all who wrote in on this.
Wednesday, 8/20/03

Download a clip from the new Tweaker album

This weekend, the official website for Tweaker (former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna's solo project) released a minute long preview from the upcoming album, "2am wake-up call." The new album is slated for a January 2004 release, features a number of new collaborators, as well as old friends.
David Sylvian again collaborates with Tweaker on the track entitled "Lucky Numbers." Mellowdrone collaborates with Tweaker on a track entitled "Worse Than Yesterday." Azam Ali from VAS is also contributing vocals. There are a host of other guests appearing on the album, and we'll let you know more information as we hear it. 2am Wake-up Call will be released on the iMUSIC / Waxploitation / BMG label.
Also of possible note -- Chris Vrenna was spotted at QuakeCon this year, sprouting rumors that he may be working on the Doom 3 soundtrack -- those are pretty much just rumors at this point, but hey you never know who you'll run into at QuakeCon.

Please scan for viruses on your computer.

In the last day I have received nearly 500 emails from people who have the new SoBig email virus. One of the hazards of publicly posting my email address, I suppose. But please, do everyone you know a favor and scan your computer for viruses. Here is a removal tool from Symantec (makers of Norton Antivirus) ... here are some links to websites with fully enabled (but trial-only) downloads: Panda Software Antivirus ... Norton Antivirus ... McAfee's Free Virus Scan ... AntiVir - which is completely free! Take a few minutes out, thanks. In the course of typing this, 17 new emails with the SoBig worm have showed up in my inbox. Wee!
Thursday, 8/14/03

A FYI on

As soon as the Northeast power grid is back up- the site should be as well. This update is for fans living overseas that are unaware of the situation. It may take a few hours- or even a couple days. (Other Nothing sites are down also.)
Wednesday, 8/13/03

Please direct your APC news to these sites...

While we appreciate updates about A Perfect Circle, seeing as they once opened for Nine Inch Nails, and since Danny Lohner has twice been a performing band member who's yet to tour with them, at the moment we do not really have any need to post APC information. If you would like to keep up to date on Maynard, Billy, Josh, Jeordie and James, check out these two sites, since good APC sites are hard to find:
Base Tendencies - a new Jeordie White/APC site that not only has tons of new photos and old stock, but keeps the most current news on A Perfect Circle -- with updates focused on the artist formerly known as Twiggy. - The better half of the ugly split of now defunct, with a very active message board and plans to reopen the massive media collection that used to be at .org
Tuesday, 8/12/03

Charlie Clouser News

For those of you who fancy yourselves musicians, you might be interested in this: Former NIN Keyboardist Charlie Clouser is selling one of his synths on eBay. Be sure to check out influx1's other auctions, as he is helping Charlie get rid of a bunch of other stuff, as well.
Also, Charlie has been hired to compose the score for an upcoming movie, entitled Deepwater:
It's a psychological thriller, reminiscent of Fight Club and Memento, and the director sought me out because my remix of nin's "Starfuckers, Inc." had the "chaotic, claustrophobic, and ultimately climactic" feel they are looking for in the score. (!) I'm very excited about this one.
And also, Charlie co-wrote the track "Throwing Punches" with Page Hamilton from the Underworld soundtrack, so there's yet another reason to check out that CD.
Friday, 8/08/03

Lohner records Johnette Napolitano (of Concrete Blonde)

Mad Music Sleuth Howisya did some follow-up on a rumor he heard a while ago about Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano working with Danny Lohner. After seeing "Suicide Note" on the Underworld OST, he pursued further information to discover that Lohner and Napolitano have worked together on a number of new tracks (in addition to a number of old tracks) and in the words of Johnette, "I hope we can finish a full album."

Underworld Soundtrack due Sept. 2

Amazon now lists the release date as September 2, 2003. For what it's worth, you can actually pre-order the soundtrack to the movie Underworld from As it stands, they've got the price listed at $19.98, but if we find it available cheaper elsewhere, we'll have a link up there ASAP.
From howisya, on saving a few more bucks: (Barnes & Noble) has a preorder price of $16.99 ($3 cheaper than Amazon's list price), AND
1) if you have a Reader's Advantage discount card (easy to acquire and worth it for B&N/B. Dalton's customers in stores and online at it's $16.14
2) Really important: click here and use additional discounts on (such as $10 off $50)
***UPDATE 8/20***
Several people have written in to inform us that Best Buy has pre-orders for the soundtrack going at $13.99

Small Update has a newer image on it's front page. The site is still black and white, but the front image has some texture to it. Thanks to Jeff.
Thursday, 8/07/03

That Danny sure gets around.

ninhead sent along this news about the soundtrack to the upcoming film Underworld, from
"...The Damning Well, the eclectic combo of former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, Filter's Richard Patrick, A Perfect Circle drummer Josh Freese and Nine Inch Nails' Danny Lohner, lead the charge with "Awakening," followed by the equally inventive teaming of David Bowie with Tool/APC's Maynard James Keenan and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' John Frusciante on "Bring the Disco King."
ninhead also sent the tracklisting from said soundtrack, quoted from
01 - The Damning Well - "Awakening"
02 - Puscifer - "REV 22:20" (Feat. Danny Lohner)
03 - Page Hamilton- "Throwing Punches"
04 - Milla - "Rocket Collecting"
05 - Renholder - "Now I Know"
06 - David Bowie - "Bring Me The Disco King" (Lohner Mix) (Feat. Maynard James Keenan, John Frusciante)
07 - Skinny Puppy - "Optimissed"
08 - Renholder - "Down In The Lab"
09 - A Perfect Circle- "Judith" (Renholder Mix)
10 - Dillinger Escape Plan - "Baby's First Coffin"
11 - Johnette Napolitano - "Suicide Note"
12 - TRUSTcompany - "Hover" (Quiet Mix)
13 - Renholder - "Falling Through The Sky"
14 - A Perfect Circle- "Weak and Powerless" (Tilling My Grave Mix)
15 - Finch - "Worms Of The Earth"
16 - Lisa Germano - "From A Shell"
17 - Renholder - "Death Dealer Descent"
18 - The Icarus Line - "On The Lash"
19 - Sarah Bettens - "All Of This Past"

As you can tell, our favorite NIN bassist Danny Lohner was quite involved on this project (the phrase "white on rice" springs to mind), as well as Josh Freese and Maynard from A Perfect Circle, and Richard Patrick, who of course is most famous for his amazing drone guitar at the end of the NIN song "Sanctified."