Wednesday August 13, 2003

Please direct your APC news to these sites...

While we appreciate updates about A Perfect Circle, seeing as they once opened for Nine Inch Nails, and since Danny Lohner has twice been a performing band member who's yet to tour with them, at the moment we do not really have any need to post APC information. If you would like to keep up to date on Maynard, Billy, Josh, Jeordie and James, check out these two sites, since good APC sites are hard to find:
Base Tendencies - a new Jeordie White/APC site that not only has tons of new photos and old stock, but keeps the most current news on A Perfect Circle -- with updates focused on the artist formerly known as Twiggy.
aPerfectCircle.net - The better half of the ugly split of now defunct aPerfectCircle.org, with a very active message board and plans to reopen the massive media collection that used to be at .org