Thursday August 7, 2003

Underworld Soundtrack due Sept. 2

Amazon now lists the release date as September 2, 2003. For what it's worth, you can actually pre-order the soundtrack to the movie Underworld from Amazon.com. As it stands, they've got the price listed at $19.98, but if we find it available cheaper elsewhere, we'll have a link up there ASAP.

From howisya, on saving a few more bucks:
www.bn.com (Barnes & Noble) has a preorder price of $16.99 ($3 cheaper than Amazon's list price), AND
1) if you have a Reader's Advantage discount card (easy to acquire and worth it for B&N/B. Dalton's customers in stores and online at bn.com) it's $16.14
2) Really important: click here and use additional discounts on bn.com (such as $10 off $50)

***UPDATE 8/20***
Several people have written in to inform us that Best Buy has pre-orders for the soundtrack going at $13.99